Confirmed: New AdWords interface rolling out to more users

Google has confirmed the rollout of the new user interface to more AdWords users. In March of this year, Google announced a sweeping change to the interface of AdWords, a product that hadn’t had a significant facelift in quite some time. Yesterday, a few AdWords users were surprised to see the […]

New Google Adwords Platform

Free Stock Photos- 600

90+ Amazing Sites with FREE Stock Photos for your Startup Business

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images have always been an integral part of your website or blog. And searching for high quality stock photos for your blog has always been a pain. You may get thousands of stock photos on the web but they are either paid or […]

5 Ultimate Tips to Get Free Traffic for your Website

If you’re a startup or a small business owner, you would be looking to get free traffic on your website. Let me tell you that, it’s not a one time task, it is an ongoing process and you need to be consistent in your efforts to get the traffic and to […]

Ultimate Tips to Increase Traffic

Smiling Business Woman, B2B Email Marketing, Growth Hacking Tips

5 Important Growth Hacking Tips for B2B Email Marketing 3

Email Marketing seems to be old-fashioned to you but it refuses to go away. It is still most widely used marketing technique used by even the biggies. It has always proved to be a profitable to strategy to small businesses and startups. It provides most direct line of communication for […]

8 Social Media Facts you should know Today

You think you know Social Media? Well, let me tell you that it is bigger than what we think it is. And it is going to increase only. It has changed our ways to do everything. Can you even remember the time before Social Media? Let me tell you 8 […]

8 Social Media Facts, infographic

Need of Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing of your Startup

Need of Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing of your Startup 1

If you’re running a startup, you know how important your time is. You are not only the CEO of the company but also the CMO, CFO, Sales Head, Product Head and everything related, this leaves you less or no time. You cannot afford to be Jack of All trades, but […]

3 Tips to Attract Traffic on your Small-Business Website

  Do you have enough traffic on your website? I’ve never got a “Yes” as an answer to this question. Everyone wants more traffic, since more traffic means more conversions which gives more business. So, do you have a website where traffic numbers are missing or you want more traffic? […]

3 Tips to Attract Traffic on your Small- Business Website

5 Growth Hacking Tips to convert Website Visitors into Customers

5 Growth Hacking Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

  Which website owner doesn’t like traffic on his website? And I believe you would be no different. I mean who doesn’t want to see a Google Analytics graph like below for his website. Now, that you’ve generated traffic to your business website, ask yourself few questions: Does all visitors […]

3 Growth Hacking Tips for Startups to Optimize Digital Marketing

So you are trying to grow your startup and trying everything for it which includes growth hacking in every arena. And if you’re reading this post then you understand the power of digital marketing & social media to improve your business success. Let me reiterate the fact that you’re not […]

3 Growth Hacking Tips for Startups to Optimize Digital Marketing

content marketing trends in 2016

7 Top Content Marketing Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

Ever thought why Content is called King by all marketers? Well, because content is your backbone which builds your brand and makes you reach your targeted audience before you think. With content marketing you reach your right audience and increase your conversion to great heights. In this changing digital world, […]

SEM & PPC- The Difference between them & its Importance

So, you are new to internet marketing! A lot of jargons like PPC, SEO, SEM, CTR, CTA are being thrown at you and you are wondering what does all this mean? We are here to help you out but one by one. Today we would be focusing on SEM and […]

difference between sem and ppc

Small business plan on blackboard

7 Mistakes Startups should Avoid at all Costs

Setting up a business from the scratch & succeeding in it persistently is a task which is easy to say and hard to commit. Every startup business faces a lot of challenges in their infant life for those if they are well prepared, they can get through easily, otherwise they […]

Best Social Media Marketing Tool- Poll Results 1

Recently, we ran a poll asking marketers which is their favorite social media marketing platform for content marketing. We have given them 4 options to choose from Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google Plus We ran this poll on the twitter, facebook & google plus and results are out. Check the below […]


5 free tools for unfollowing your non followers on Twitter

Top 5 Tools to Unfollow your Non Followers on Twitter for Free 2

Those who have been blogging already knows the power of social media and everyone admits that it is one of the best marketing & promotional tools for blogging if used effectively. Twitter has taken a very large market share among these social networking sites. When I started using Twitter, I […]

5 Growth Hacking Tips to boost your Startup Business 5

Growth Hacking is a combination of product, marketing & data with goal of driving customer growth. Earlier popular among fast pace growing start-ups, the pillars of growth hacking have since spread to the wider circle of business world. By focusing on customer needs & designing the right product, growth hacking […]

5 Growth Hacking Tips to boost your Startup Business

Optimize your Google plus using hashtags

Tips to Double your Reach on Google+ using Hashtags

A # which used to be known as a pound sign is a sign which you use at the beginning of a word or phrase. It helps you come in the search whenever someone tries to search your word on the platform. It has been seen that it generates twice […]

The Case for Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a post that floored me – it was a post about a social media statistic that said the majority of small businesses base their social media success on the number of views a post gets. So naturally, I want to see […]

Social Media Marketing

3 Startup Hacks For A More Successful Business

So, you’re thinking of starting a business? I bet you’re keen to learn some tips that will make your business as successful as possible, aren’t you? Well, take a look at the three ideas down below: Think outside the box The best hack I can give for business success is […]

startup hacks