The Weekly Social Media Marketing RoundUp- 24th October

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Social Media Marketing Weekly Roundup 24 October


Facebook Customizable Push Campaigns for Apps Are Out of Beta

Facebook announced earlier this week that the customizable push campaigns for applications that it introduced at F8 earlier this year are out of closed beta.

Software engineer Brian Ni announced in a blog post that push campaigns are now available to all businesses, complete with a redesigned targeting section to ensure that push notifications result in conversions.

Ni wrote that apps that deploy push notifications see retention rise by up to 180 percent, adding that those notifications can be used for reminders, offers or sharing deep links within apps.

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Want to manage your Twitter account like a pro? Unfollow your non followers, inactive users and spam following users with a powerful tool ManageFlitter. I’m also using ManageFlitter to optimize my Twitter account regularly. You can register for ManageFlitter by visiting this page.

5 Tips on How Brands Can Utilize Twitter Moments (from Twitter)

Last month, Twitter announced that all users would now be able to create their own Moments – curated collections of tweets that are designed to maximize the storytelling capacity of the platform, optimized for mobile devices.

The announcement wasn’t exactly met with excitement. While some social marketing folk jumped on board and started creating their own Moments straight away, for most, the new option just slipped by like so many other 140 character missives.

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5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans

Do you want to build deeper relationships with your Twitter followers?

Looking for easy ways to create loyal fans on Twitter?

To reap the full benefits of Twitter, approach your engagement in a personable way.

In this article, you’ll discover five ways to turn your Twitter followers into loyal fans.

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5 Twitter Browser Extensions for Marketers

Do you use Twitter for business?

Looking for tools to optimize your Twitter experience?

Using browser extensions to enhance your Twitter marketing will save you time and streamline your workflow.

In this article, you’ll discover five browser extensions to improve your Twitter marketing experience.

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Instagram For Business

Have you heard the BIG news? CoSchedule will be launching Instagram scheduling in just a few weeks! Yes, you’ve heard that right. Hear even more about this feature, and other new ones coming soon, on our recent live demo with Garrett Moon.

In all of our excitement, we want to give you everything you need to know about marketing on Instagram so you can jump in right away.

Where should you start? Is it worth it? What are the best tools?

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Instagram Adds Stories to Explore Tab, Making it Easier to Discover Stories Content

Facebook is certainly keen to push the social storytelling trend.

Two months after launching Instagram Stories, and following that up with Snapchat-style image editing tools for WhatsApp – and most recently it’s ‘Messenger Day’ social storytelling tool for Messenger – Instagram has now announced that Stories content will be displayed on that platform’s Explore screen to help users find more relevant Stories content.

As you can see, Stories are now displayed along the top of your Instagram Explore feed. The Stories content shown in this section will highlight “the most interesting stories from across Instagram’s vast global community – and like the rest of Explore, the stories you’ll see are personalized to your interests.”

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Most importantly, the Stories shown will be from users you don’t already follow. That’s a big deal because discovery on Snapchat is virtually impossible. By design, Snapchat is made to be more of an ‘in the know’ app, there are no search features, you have to come across relevant Snap profiles to follow – though that have been looking to make this easier by adding direct links to high-profile accounts in Live Stories and tools to suggest users your contacts should follow.

But still, discovery on Snapchat remains problematic on the platform – but on Instagram, which can also use its advanced algorithms as fuelled by Facebook data, you’ll now be shown recommendations tailored to your interests, which could boost Stories consumption on the platform.

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7 Opportunities for B2B Brands to Rock Pinterest

While other visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are getting most of the press these days, Pinterest is still a growing platform that offers B2B brands and marketers an opportunity to grow and connect with their audience, drive brand awareness and website traffic, and enhance their overall social media marketing strategy.

But despite its potential, Pinterest hasn’t exactly been embraced by B2B. In fact, just 14% of B2B marketers say they use Pinterest to distribute their content, according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report.

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Pinterest announces Pin Collective, connecting businesses with content creators

Marketers already have a lot on their hands, but sourcing content doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them. Pinterest understands that looking for top-notch graphical content can be time-consuming and arduous, so they’ve announced the launch of the Pin Collective.

The Pin Collective is aimed at helping businesses connect with Pinterest’s top content creators: publishers, production shops and independent creators who understand how to best rock the Pinterest ecosystem. These power users of the service will work directly with brands to drive real results.

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6 Key Takeaways From an Analysis of 200+ Popular Pinterest Infographics

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re creating an infographic to use on social media or a marketing campaign. If you’re creating the infographic for marketing purposes, you’ve got one more step, and that’s promoting it.
After all, there is no point creating content if no one sees it, is there?

Here are some methods on how to promote your infographics:

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How to Repurpose and Promote Existing Content on Snapchat

You craft and curate content like a pro across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and a blog—but what about the mobile-only social media powerhouse that is Snapchat?

With over 150 million daily users—60 percent of which are under 25—there’s huge potential for brands wanting to connect with a new and younger audience. But because posting to Snapchat is limited to mobile devices, cross-promoting and repurposing content can be tricky.

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Snapchat Changing Terms for Discover Content Partners (Report)

The wall around Snapchat’s walled garden is about to get a little more expensive for media companies to climb.

Peter Kafka and Kurt Wagner of Recode reported that Snapchat is proposing radically different terms to media companies providing content for its Discover section.

According to Kafka and Wagner, the messaging application is seeking to pay its content partners a flat license fee upfront, while retaining all ad revenues for itself, much in the same way that television networks acquire programming.

Under the current structure, Snapchat and its content partners share ad revenue.

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11 Ways to Grow Your Snapchat Following

Is your business on Snapchat?

Looking for ways to attract new followers?

One of Snapchat’s biggest challenges is its limited features for getting discovered by other users.

In this article, you’ll discover 11 simple ways to grow your audience on Snapchat.

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LinkedIn Announces Changes to Endorsements Feature

LinkedIn announced two changes to its Endorsements feature. The Endorsements feature allows users to acknowledge their connections’ skills by endorsing those skills on their profiles. LinkedIn said users with at lease five skills listed on their profiles receive up to 17 times more profile views.

With this update, LinkedIn said it will show featured endorsements on a user’s profile, based on the viewer’s own connections and other factors. Specifically, when someone visits a user’s profile, they can see featured endorsements made by mutual connections, colleagues and “people who are knowledgeable about the skill.”

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5 Steps to Generate More LinkedIn Sales Leads

Do you want more leads from LinkedIn?

Wondering how others turn connections into leads?

With the right approach, you can be the first person your connections think of when they need someone in your industry.

In this article, you’ll discover how to turn LinkedIn connections into qualified leads.

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How to Use Periscope for Business: The Ultimate Marketing Guide

It’s been more than a decade since social media became a common fixture in our lives. But the way we use social media in late 2016 looks very little like it did in late 2006.

As our mobile devices have become ever-more powerful, social has increasingly become an “in-the-moment” activity, and social networks—and users—are embracing live video.

If you’re not yet using Periscope for business, it’s time to get onboard with this live video platform.

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Reddit: The Sleeping Dragon of Social

You may think of Reddit as the weird cousin of social media that has nothing to do with businesses or marketing – or even a place where anti-social media people go to play. But this is simply not the case.

Yes, there are some pretty weird corners of Reddit, but there are some dark corners of Facebook and Instagram, too. The true power of Reddit lies in its ability to place you and your business front and center before your target audience, and entirely new audiences, in a personal, and responsive way.

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3 Ways Outsourced Marketing Accelerates Business Growth

When’s the last time you thought you had too much time of your hands?

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How about the last time thought about something not related to growing your company?

Have you ever struggled with having too many hot leads?

Small and medium sized businesses always deal with constraints that hinder growth, and not surprisingly, these constraints often stem from limited marketing resources. When it comes growing a business, most managers run into these two brick walls: the lack of time or the lack of expertise of in-house staff to effectively execute marketing strategies.

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3 Tools For Social Media Marketing That Nobody Ever Admits Using

Let’s start with a warning: Reading this may cause your hat to roll off. Your black hat, gray hat or white hat, I mean.

Somehow, there is still a lot of talk about social media marketing that is done the proper way, and social media marketing that is done the wrong way. And terms like “black hat” or “white hat” social media marketing are often used to describe these proper and improper strategies.

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15 Random Things NOT to Do on Social Media

I love social media. I really do. But, there are certain things that make me want to scream.

Yes. There are right ways to use social media and wrong ways to use social media, good things to do and say, and bad things to do and say. Everyone seems to have their own ideas, right or wrong about how to use social media and what’s acceptable on social media, including yours truly. Here are 15 of my own pet peeves about things NOT to do on social media.

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5 Ways to Solve the Social Media Engagement Problem

When you’re using Twitter, Facebook, or another social platform as an individual, do you ever try to communicate with a brand account? In some cases, you might have a pleasant, two-way conversation with that account. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t always happen.

Some brands using social media forget that the platforms are designed for engagement – it is, after all, ‘social’ media. Social platforms are not meant for broadcasting, and as such, brands should be readily available for engagement. Otherwise, they’re missing out on a major opportunity.

Here are five ways to improve your brand’s social media engagement, and how those efforts can help you make the most of social platforms as they were designed.

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4 Helpful Tools for Organizing Your Social Media Calendar

What do cross-country road trips, wedding speeches, and social media marketing have in common?

You could wing all three, but it’s probably better to have a plan for what direction you’re heading — especially when it comes to your social media content strategy.
By now, most marketers recognize that social media plays an integral role in an effective inbound marketing strategy. And with so many social networks to manage and publish on, it’s important to stay organized and have a plan for when and what you’re going to share on these platforms.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most helpful tools and templates for building out an effective social media content plan. Check them out below.

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