5 Evergreen Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Twitter has more than 336 million active users in 2018 1. It is one of the most popular social media networking sites in the world.

Twitter is used by businesses & celebrities alike to connect with their users.

It is also a goldmine of customer feedback, queries, leads and customer engagement. Companies as big as Amazon are present and active on this platform.

But as a small business, it becomes very difficult to utilize the power of Twitter for your benefit.

Here are sure shot Twitter marketing tips which will help your business:

1. Summaries instead of Headlines

If you know of something else which has worked for you, then don’t hesitate to share in the comments section.

Make conversations instead of Title Tags

You’ve got an amazing idea for a content, you searched about the topic and created an awesome piece of content.

What would you do after publishing it?

Share it on Twitter, right?


You simply hit the share button on your social sharing widget and shared the content on your Twitter profile. But do you know that most plugins would share the title of your content along with the link.

What you need to do is to share summaries. Remember that Twitter is a social media platform which means that real conversations are always encouraged.

If you share your article and using some conversational language instead of just hitting the sharing button, your users would be able to connect with you.

For example, there are two methods of sharing this blog post mentioned below

In the second Tweet, I’ve tried to use conversation tone which will connect with you better.


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2. Use Images in Tweets

A picture says thousand words.

You would have definitely heard of this phrase and it’s 100% true. You tend to connect better with your users when you use images in your Tweets.

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A tweet with only text and a link can easily be ignored in the feed of your users, but if you use image then it can grab attention of your followers. It also helps in boosting their interaction with your brand which is otherwise also known as customer engagement.

A latest social media stat suggests that “Tweets with images can boost the engagement by 313%.”

I hope, now you would understand the importance of image in your Tweets. Let me show it to with another example

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3. Don’t be Selfish

It is easy to be selfish on social media by sharing only your content. But the hard part is to understand that we are on this platform for the users.

Once you start thinking about your followers, they’ll start engaging with you and hence becomes your loyal customers. But how would you do that?

Simple, start sharing the best content on your Twitter profile. Remember, that there is a lot of information available on the web which is related to your industry. This content may not have been developed by you but if it is useful for your users, then you should share it.

It brings your customers closer to your brand and would love to engage with you.


4. Automate

While promoting on Twitter, you may be required to publish 10 times every day. But this doesn’t mean that you need to come online every time.

You can use social media management tools to automate your scheduling tasks. These tools will schedule your post updates and would also recommend you the content based on your industry.

Scheduling your posts will save your time and efforts. It will help you analyse which type of posts work better for you.


5. Follow Influencers

While promoting your brand on Twitter, you would find some industry influencers. There people will have exceptional experience and knowledge about your industry. Therefore, people also follow these influencers and take trust on their words.

There’s no harm in accepting the power of these influencers. In fact, utilize it to your benefit by interacting with them. Interact with these influencers on different topics, invite them to try your product for once.

If they like your product experience, then they may share it among their users. This will increase your reach among your potential customers and build your brand.



You would not want to lose business which you can get through Twitter. I’ve used these Twitter marketing tips to help a lot of small businesses and the results have paid off.

If you know of something else which has worked for you, then don’t hesitate to share in the comments section.

Anurag Mehra

Anurag Mehra is a Social Media Expert & a Growth Hacker who believes learning never stops. His "Social Media Marketing RoundUp" series is featured in "10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016".

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