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Google AdWords has been used by countless businesses to generate leads and grow their business. But do you know that you can track your business goals directly from AdWords interface? Yes, it’s true, AdWords allows you to keep track of different campaigns and analyse their performance. It is such a comprehensive tool that you can now analyse your different campaigns against their goals. Though you can track your campaigns separately by keeping a tab on your conversions. But this new feature which I’m going to discuss today about will help you tack across campaigns.

With this feature you’ll be able to track and even forecast the performance of your selected campaigns in regards to your advertising goals. You must already be having some campaigns in your Adwords account, now you’ve to create campaign group.

How to create a Campaign Group?

Create Adwords Campaign Groups


You can create a campaign group and include different AdWords campaigns(Search, Display, Video or Shopping) into one single group. They can be relating to one single theme e.g. you are about to start a “Holiday Sale”. You may promote it via different campaigns(Display,Video and Shopping) so you can include all these campaigns in one single campaign group.


Set Performance Goals

Select Performance Goals

Now you need to set performance goals which will depend on what you want to track, clicks/ conversions. It’ll make your job easier of monitoring your performance goals of each campaign group. You just need to write down how many clicks or conversions you expect to receive, your budget along with your expected CPC or CPA. This will show you the results of your campaign group in terms of achievement against goals. And the best feature is that it will tell you how much you are likely to achieve by the end of your campaign period. The forecast shown here is provided by AdWords based on it’s own calculation but the logic is still not clear.

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Below, is an example of Campaign Group dashboard as shared by Google in this blog post:

Campaign Groups Dashboard


According to Google, creating performance targets will not change how your ads are served or optimized. This feature is for you to just evaluate and analyze how your campaigns are working.


I hope this article will be helpful for you and to know more about this please refer to this blog post by Google.

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