Tips to Double your Reach on Google+ using Hashtags

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Optimize your Google plus using hashtags

A # which used to be known as a pound sign is a sign which you use at the beginning of a word or phrase. It helps you come in the search whenever someone tries to search your word on the platform. It has been seen that it generates twice the engagement to your post than a social media post without using it.

It is being used at almost all the social media platforms today e.g. Twitter, Tumblr, Google+etc. Today, I’m writing about how to use #Hashtag in Google+ to increase your reach. You can also refer to our article on 5 reasons why you should use hashtags for Facebook marketing.

Following are some of the do’s & dont’s while using Hashtags to increase your reach among your audience:

Do’s while using Hashtag

Combination of Images & Hashtags

While uploading an image post on Google+, you can use hashtags. However, use maximum one or two hashtags (like Twitter, Facebook etc.).

Why should I use hashtag with images?

The main reason is that it will boost your post/image views. Posts with images tend to have much more engagement. Combining the power of hashtag will give a boost your posts exposure on Google+.

2/3 #Hashtags per post

While using Instagram, you can use as many hashtags you think are relevant to the post. But when you are posting Google+, consider only 2/3 hashtags per post. You should use 3 hashtags at most per post, otherwise it may distract from your message.

Hashtags when Engaging with your Audience

Engage with your audience and encourage usage of hashtags while replying to any comment on your post. It also helps your communication to appear in searches giving a boost your post.

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Trending Hashtags

There will be a lot many hashtags which may be trending on all social media channels at a single point of time. But the catch is to find those which can be connected to your content, use these hashtags while posting. It will help you getting more views & gain new followers.

Google+ Explore

Research is necessary whenever you are planning to make a post. Use Google+ Explore to check which hashtags are trending. You can also the check the popularity of hashtags you are planning to use.

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Dont’s while using Hashtag

Using only Hashtags

Hashtags should be used with images & text and not as their substitute. Imagine a post with only hashtags, that’s seems to be annoying since you wouldn’t be able to read properly. It also drives the audience away. So always use hashtags accompanied with your post & not as its replacement.

Irrelevant #Hashtags

You would never want to be associated with a topic which is not related to your content. So use hashtags responsibly. Don’t guess what hashtag is being used to describe a trending topic – research it.

Be Short & Precise

Make it easy for your community to read, and understand exactly what your hashtag says. Unless it’s a popular phrase, make sure you hashtag is no longer than three words.

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