The Right Way to Guest Blog

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Guest blogging is an awesome way to grow your audience but you have to do it the right way, because doing it wrong can prove extremely costly. It can cost you audience members, respect, and you can even fall foul of the almighty Google. The wrong way is to post a generic article, with generic links, to generic blogs without any thought to your goals or target audience.

The right way to guest blog includes doing all of the following:

Know Your Guess Blogging Goals

Content will always be the King

Your guest blogging posts should bring this new audience to a specific page your website and not to your generic home page. Have a plan in place to capitalize on any regular guest blogging by sending viewers of the blog that click your link to a very special and specific page, often designed specifically for just this audience.

Provide a Special Giveaway

Don’t just contribute a blog post; contribute a special giveaway that is targeted to the specific blog audience you’re writing the guest blog post for. This will not only appeal to the blog audience, but also the owner of the blog, because they’ll like being able to give away something special. For example instead of simply giving away a generic eBook, co-brand it with the guest blogging website owners’ logo to make it feel really special.

Name Drop

Many successful blog posts use name dropping when relevant, for example if your blog post has something to do metrics or a host of other cool web things, mentioning Neil Patel might bring him, and his audience, to your blog, which is a massive bonus.

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Create Follow-Up Content

Once you created and published a guest blog post, you want to create follow-up content on the topics you feature on your own blog. It will help to relate the new content to the guest post too.

Treat Guest Blogging as a Long-Term Strategy

Don’t work for the immediate results, blogging doesn’t work like that, but rather work towards the long-term results that guest blogging can provide today, and tomorrow. A properly executed guest post can pay off years down the road if you play your cards right.

Ensure that a Guest Post Boosts Your Credibility

When writing a guest blog post you want to ensure that it makes you look good, and that it makes the blogger for whom you’re posting look good. The point of a blog post is to give you the appearance of authority, knowledge, and someone in the know.

Link to Your Guest Blog Posts

Within other content that you write on your own website and blog, be sure to link back to that blog post from time to time. It will make the blog owner happy and it makes the search engines happy too.

Answer Comments

For at least the first couple of months (if not forever), answer the comments that appear on the blog post. You can also use these questions as fodder for new blog posts, in which case you can answer the blog post with a link to your new blog that answers their question.

If you do these things, you’ll not only make each guest blog post pay off for you, but also for the bloggers you guest post for. You’ll soon be sought out as an expert in your niche and perhaps even command pay for guest posts because your posts do so well in terms of numbers and return on investment.

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