Social Networking Tips To Fuel Your Job Search


Love these social networking tips from Jennifer Brabson (@jenniferbrabson), Digital Marketing Manager at Adecco Staffing. Drawing attention to the importance of your social resume as a powerful addition to your regular resume is very timely. More and more employers are looking at the social footprint of their potential hires, so as I’ve written about here extensively this is definitely something you should be looking to address. It’s also interesting to see what aspects of your social resume are likely to win over a prospective employer. While much focus in the media has been on the potential negative impact of your social profiles on your job search prospects, we also see that 68% of recruiters have hired a candidate based on their social media presence!

One of the social networking tips Jennifer shares is to use social platforms to build your professional presence and position yourself as a thought leader and source of great insights in your industry. When I’m coaching candidates one-on-one, this is one key element I focus on as the results you can achieve in your career are so much greater if you can attain this level of exposure for your professional brand. The idea that you should become an influencer is one that I also wholeheartedly endorse.

From slide 16 onwards you’ll find some great social networking tips for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I particularly like the fact that Jennifer has highlighted Twitter as a jobseeker’s friend, in the way that it makes it possible for you to strike up conversations with recruiters. Regular readers will know I’m a huge advocate of this approach (see for example: How To Tweet Your Way To A New Job).

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The only thing missing from these social networking tips is the increasing role that Google+ can play in your job search. But follow Jennifer’s recommendations for what you should be doing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and you’ll already be well on your way to leveraging social media in your next job search. Good luck!



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