Social Media Marketing Weekly RoundUp- 27th August

In this edition of social media marketing roundup, I’ve included blog posts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. I’ve also included some miscellaneous posts which help you to develop you overall social media strategy. Don’t forget to check the “Must Read Content” of the week, it is about top social media trends which are currently ruling.

Must Read Content

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

Author: Jim Bevin | Social Media Explorer

Social Media Marketing Trends- social media roundup

Social media is evolving constantly. It’s not just a place people share embarrassing and old photos on Thursdays. You need to know how to leverage these platforms to improve your business. The survival of any business needs activity on social media.

Being active on social media does not translate to success automatically. Staying up to date with current social media and marketing trends and applying them is the way to go. Today, social media and marketing go hand in hand, especially in this online world of competitive pricing. Knowing the most effective trends in 2018 will help your brand stay on top of things.

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5 Evergreen Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Author: Anurag Mehra | Optimize Marketing

Twitter marketing tips- social media roundup

Twitter has more than 336 million active users in 2018. It is one of the most popular social media networking sites in the world.

Twitter is used by businesses & celebrities alike to connect with their users.

It is also a goldmine of customer feedback, queries, leads and customer engagement. Companies as big as Amazon are present and active on this platform.

But as a small business, it becomes very difficult to utilize the power of Twitter for your benefit.

Here are sure shot Twitter marketing tips which will help your business:

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Will Twitter Succeed in Defeating Trolls? The Stakes for Marketers

Author: Nick Nelson | TopRank Blog

Twitter marketing- social media roundup

“I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?”

I can guarantee this will be the first and last time I ever open a blog post with lyrics from Britney Spears, but the pop star’s 2003 tribute to perilous romance seems to perfectly encapsulate my relationship with Twitter — and I know I’m not alone.

I love Twitter. It’s easily my favorite social network. I’ve been active on it for almost a decade, and during that time I’ve had countless enlightening conversations (mostly about baseball and marketing), become friends with people I never would’ve encountered otherwise, and wasted more time than I’d like to admit scrolling mindlessly through my feed.

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How to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level With Stickers

Author: Caroline Forsey | Hubspot

Instagram stories- social media roundup

With over 250 million people using Instagram Stories daily, it’s no surprise you want in on the action. But the sheer quantity of Stories can be overwhelming — how’s your business supposed to stand out?

One of the easiest ways to add personality and flair to your Stories is through Instagram Stickers.

With Stickers, you can ask questions and create polls for your audience, add GIFs to an otherwise average photo, and include relevant information like temperature and location. Or, you could simply include an emoji to make your post more captivating.

Let’s explore the full range of possibilities with Instagram Stickers.

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How to Edit Instagram Photos Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Michelle Cyca | Hubspot

Instagram marketing- social media roundup

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll probably notice that all your favorite accounts have something in common: captivating images that catch your attention. So it’s no surprise that quality photos are the most important piece of any Instagram strategy.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to produce stunning images for Instagram.

All you need is your smartphone camera, a few editing tools, and a little practice.

In this post, you’ll learn how to edit Instagram photos to grow your audience and establish a compelling brand aesthetic. You’ll also get a breakdown of some of the best photo-editing apps that can take your images (and engagement) to new heights.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Instagram Stories

Author: Brent Barnhart | Sprout Social

Guide to use Instagram Stories- Social Media Roundup

It’s no secret that Stories are a big deal on Instagram.

But the fact that over 400 million people use Stories daily may come as a surprise to anyone who’s been sleeping on them.

The recent explosion of storytelling content is no accident, though.

In fact, Instagram has been pushing hard for brands and users alike to hop on the Stories bandwagon.

Engaging features such as the Questions Sticker and creative touches like Music make Stories truly one-of-a-kind in terms of content on Instagram. Meanwhile, the introduction of Stories ads for brands is also telling in terms of Stories’ selling power.

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3 Advertising Campaigns You Need to Be Running on Facebook

Author: Charlie Lawrance | Agora Pulse

Facebook Advertising Campaigns- Social Media Roundup

When you implement the correct advertising campaigns on Facebook, it can become your most successful marketing channel and the core driver of growth for your business.

With Facebook advertising, you can target people who have had different levels of engagement with your business both on and off the platform. These are called audience temperatures and consist of Cold, Warm and Hot audiences.

The three advertising campaigns you need to run target each of these audience temperatures and move people from one stage to the next.

The campaigns are:

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What Local Businesses Can Do to Increase Facebook Followers

Author: Jacob Maslow | Social Media Explorer

Increase Facebook Followers- Social Media Roundup

Facebook has the largest monthly user base of any social media platform in the world. The social media giant has 2 billion active users every month. That’s a substantial number of users that local businesses can promote to monthly.

But, of course, this figure includes users around the world – not just in the business’s local area.

Demographic-wise, Facebook has 83% of women and 75% of men on the platform, with 88% of people age 18 to 29 on Facebook. This figure falls to 62% when considering users 65+, but it’s still a substantial percentage of each demographic.

Increasing followers on Facebook is possible, and you’ll need to:

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5 Tried and True LinkedIn Tips to Grow your Company Page Followers 600% Faster

Author: Brian Peters | Buffer

Linkedin Tips- Social Media Roundup

While much of the focus over the last few years on social media has been on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base to more than 500 million users.

And we’ve seen first-hand that businesses are working hard on perfecting their LinkedIn marketing strategy so that they can tap into the world’s largest professional network.

A few months ago, we asked you (our readers) to let us know which social media networks you would like to learn more about – LinkedIn (53%) came in a close second, just after Instagram (62%).

To get started, we teamed up with LinkedIn to share with you tried and true tips on how to leverage one of the most valuable online resources for your business: your LinkedIn Company Page.

With this simple 5-step strategy your business can accelerate the growth of your Company Page by up to 600 percent.

Let’s get started!

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Top 5 Video Creation Tools For Social Media Managers

Author: Charli Day | Agora Pulse

Video Tools- Social Media Roundup

Video marketing is an absolute must for social media managers today and with good reason.

Adding video to your social media channels produces higher engagement, greater brand loyalty and more interest in your product or service.

As director of Contentworks Agency, I’ve tried and tested plenty of video creation tools for social media. In this article, I’ll walk you through my top 5 video creation tools and give you tips on how you can incorporate them into your content marketing strategy.

But first, let’s take a look at some compelling statistics.

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