Social Media Marketing Weekly RoundUp- 4th June

In this edition of social media marketing roundup, I’ve included blog posts on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. I’ve also included some miscellaneous posts which help you to develop you overall social media strategy. Don’t forget to check the “Must Read Content” of the week, it is a collection of social media design templates which would work on every network.


Must Read Content

17 Social Media Design Templates For Every Network

Author: Shannon Tien | Hootsuite

Looking to take your social media game to the next level with fresh, creative visuals? You’ve come to the right place. This collection of free social media design templates, created with design tool Adobe Spark, makes it easy to add custom branded visuals to posts on any of the major social networks.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to run visually exciting social media accounts.

In this post, we’ll show you how to:

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Want to manage your Twitter account like a pro? Unfollow your non followers, inactive users & spam following users with a powerful tool ManageFlitter. I’m also using ManageFlitter to optimize my Twitter account regularly. You can register for ManageFlitter by visiting this page.


Setting Goals for Your Business on Instagram

Author: Juntae DeLane | Digital Branding Institute

Just like any other advertising opportunity, you’ll need to set goals for your business on Instagram to gain any real traction or results. Goals will give your business a direction. Without direction, putting your business on Instagram will be a fruitless endeavor that takes up valuable time. So take a moment to evaluate what you want to do with your Instagram account and start setting goals to achieve it.

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Setting Instagram Business Goals

Before you can set goals for your business on Instagram, you’ll need to set up an Instagram business account.

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How to Create a Successful Pin for Pinterest

Author: Peg Fitzpatrick

Pinterest is a dreamy, visual website where people go for inspiration and planning. To create successful Pins for Pinterest, you melt into the aspirational aspect and inspire people to save your Pins to their boards.

The most shared Pins are helpful and beautiful. I’d like to share the elements of a successful Pinterest Pin with examples to help you be more proactive in your Pinterest execution.

Design matters

On Pinterest, long, tall images command the show taking up the most visual real estate in the Pinterest feed. Pinterest’s preferred image aspect ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5. The minimum width of a pin is 600 pixels and the maximum is 735 pixels.

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How to Use Pinterest: The Insider Guide for Businesses (With Strategies From the Pinterest Team)

Author: Brian Peters

Pinterest is one of the world’s leading platforms for sharing ideas and finding inspiration.

Over 200 million people flock to the social network each month to discover new products, recipes, destinations, articles, influencers, and so much more.

But Pinterest isn’t just for individual users like you and me.

It also represents a huge opportunity for businesses and brands looking to build an engaged audience and drive valuable traffic to their website:

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Use these Facebook Apps to help Grow your Page

Author: Susan Gilbert


Monday Tips is a short list of the best finds across the internet to start your week off right. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Today I have some resources to help your brand page gain more traction with these Facebook apps. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

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Growing a fan base on Facebook can no longer be one without the help of advertising. But there are apps that can help you to reach more people in your target market. Would you like to improve your visibility with more engagement? Use these top Facebook apps, and let me know how these work for you!

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These Facebook Ad Metrics Are Going Away. Are You Prepared?

Author: Stephanie Leishman | AgoraPulse

After the July 2018 release of the Graph API, some Facebook ad metrics will leave our reports forever.

Facebook is removing metrics they consider “redundant, outdated, not actionable, or infrequently used.” What are these metrics and are you going to miss them?

However, some of us obsessively track specific metrics that align with certain business goals. I once helped a university that cared about increasing reach in Brazil during a two-week period, so I reported on impressions from users based in Brazil– you don’t get much more specific than that. How will these changes affect us? What’s leaving and why? Let’s find out.

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15 Examples of How NOT to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling

Author: Rizvan Ullah | Jeff Bullas

In just a short period of time, social media has reinvented the way companies sell products and reach potential customers.

According to InsideView, 41 percent of all B2B companies report generating leads on Facebook, yet a total of 61 percent of business marketers in the United States utilize LinkedIn’s social media platform to generate new leads and sell products (The Drum, 2016).

With the continued expansion of social selling, taking advantage of these Internet services requires more attention now than ever before.

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LinkedIn stands apart from most other social media services by focusing more on cultivating a professional business environment than that of other platforms. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others were initially designed for individual social interactions, designers and programmers created LinkedIn as a business platform from the ground up.

Due to the stark differences between LinkedIn and other social media outlets, social selling varies significantly.

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8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

Author: DhariLo

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. It isn’t completely a social media tip – but a splash of a few things that don’t get talked about in the social media field. So this one is for my fellow social media marketers, aspiring social media marketers, or just for anyone looking for a little insight into what actually happens behind the scenes.

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