Need of Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketing of your Startup

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If you’re running a startup, you know how important your time is. You are not only the CEO of the company but also the CMO, CFO, Sales Head, Product Head and everything related, this leaves you less or no time. You cannot afford to be Jack of All trades, but master of none. You have to be present in every department and outperform in order to grow. Not to say an of these jobs is easy, but internet marketing does take a lot of your time to grow and requires expertise in the domain as well. Now, the question arises how to get your internet marketing strategy in shape?

Virtual Assistant is the answer.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a company or a self-employed person who provide businesses administrative, technical, creative, marketing support to clients remotely from their office or home via internet.

How will it help you?

An internet marketing virtual assistant will have expertise in the domain of digital marketing to provide you support as you lack time and skill to handle it on your own. You’ll have time to look after other business aspects like finance, sales etc. You can outsource a lot to a VA’s, some of the services are mentioned below:

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1. Online Research

As the name suggests, a research will take a lot of time. It can be of your competitor like it’s presence, product reviews, product enhancements etc. You can delegate it to your VA and can concentrate somewhere else. After the stipulated time, he/she will come back to you with results and not all you have to do it analysis. This saves you a lot of time and energy and makes you ready for the market and staying ahead of the competition.

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2. Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Well, this includes money and being a startup, you would not want to waste it since, you have little. So, it’s better you hire a VA who has an expertise in managing PPC campaigns. PPC requires not only knowledge but it also eats up your time, and there are a lot of metrics to be considered like landing page, ad copy, CTR, CPL etc. A Virtual Assistant would be working on this all the time and would be able to manage it in a much better fashion than you can.

3. Social Media Marketing

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It may sound very cool and easy, but believe me, it is a time consuming job. It involves not only posting but also engaging with the people. Noting the trends and behaving accordingly also is a task of him/her. A VA will plan and schedule your social media for your Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and all other social media pages which will give you much better results than what you can achieve on your own.

4. Content Marketing

Would you like to be on top of Google Results? Google has always revealed that it rewards the websites with great content with higher SEO ranking. You may have great knowledge of your product but do you have writing skills and time? Here, I guess your answer would be a NO. That’s where a VA jumps in, outsourcing your content a Virtual Assistant is not only cost effective but also a highly productive strategy since, they know how to place the keywords in order to get better results while keeping the content interesting for the readers.

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A virtual assistant will not only help you in growing your business but it is also a very cost effective solution for you to save time and energy. With that saved time you can focus on other essential tasks of your business keeping in mind, that your internet marketing is in good hands.

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