5 Ways To Know Your Digital Audience

A digital marketing strategy starts with understanding the audience. There are many ways to know what your target looks like. Knowing the audience well would prepare you to create a better content strategy which is a crucial aspect of digital marketing.

Do you know your customer?

Knowing the audience’s pulse starts with understanding what your customers are, what are they searching for and what do they need. More than this, you have to understand what more they want along with your product. In digital marketing, by understanding the potential buyer of the product half your problem would be solved.

5 Ways To Know Your Digital Audience

There are many ways to understand a customer, the best ways are:

1. Think like a customer

Think like a customer= know your digital audience

Think about your product as a customer would. This would help you to know the behavior of your customer. This would also help in understanding your competitors better. By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you would know what motivates a buyer to choose your product over your competitors’. This would be your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

2. Social Media

social media- know your digital audience

Look for social media conversations of your brand or your product. This would help you to know what people their preferences and experiences. This would help you to find out the problems that buyers face with your products or to know why are they happy about your product. Social media conversations help to understand a product from a user’s perspective.

3. Digital Platforms and Trends

Look for what is trending in your domain with help of powerful tools like Google trends and twitter trends. This would keep you updated and you can utilize the trend to talk about your brand/ products. Concentrate on digital platforms that your customers use the most. This would help you understand what is in the buzz and also connect you to the target easily.

For example, if your target uses Linkedin the most, then you shouldn’t be concentrating on Facebook more. You will not be able to reach them.

4. Analyse the Buying Process

Another easy way to understand your customers is by putting yourself as a customer on the buying process. This would help you to come up with the common questions that a customer would have. You can address those questions by providing information on your product page or blog. Try to find out the what type of information they look for before buying your product. This would help you to narrow down on the buyer behavior.

Before buying a product online, an online shopper would most certainly check the things listed below:

  1. Time of delivery
  2. The extra cost of delivery
  3. Product rating is 4 starred or not
  4. What are the reviews of that product on different shopping websites
  5. On how many websites is that particular product available
  6. What are the prices on different websites, even compare the prices from the local market
  7. Is the product exclusive
  8. YouTube Video or Blog post for that product
  9. Watching the price fluctuation on websites during the different offer period.
  10. Sellers review about a product
  11. COD available or not
  12. What is the best offer

In many cases, the reviews are the deciding factor of whether or not to buy. Most of the shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart include as many details as possible along with the product along with its review. This would keep a shopper hooked up with the website and also helps in trust building.

The important aspect of providing information to the customer is being genuine and providing unbiased input about a product/ service. There I certain information that most buyers hate.

5. Studying the existing customers

Understanding the existing customers could be done by doing a buyer persona research, The HubSpot way 1. This may be tedious but the result would put you in a better position to know their demography, their pressing problems, the problems they face with your products and where they go for information. To do this research you need data from as many existing customers as possible. Run marketing survey or invest in marketing research to understand your existing users.

What types of content do the buyers hate?

It is necessary to create content that a potential customer looks for. It is equally important to know what they don’t like in digital media.

Poorly designed website

A website which takes a lot of time to load is a big turn off for anyone. Not only the users hate it but also the search engines. If your website is very slow then, it would have problems in getting to the top search ranking.

Another huge turn off would be your website not being responsive. Not adjusting to the size of a mobile device or a tab or whichever a user is searching from. These are the two basic things that you should keep in mind while designing your website.

Use tools like Google site speed insights to know the page speed and also know if your website is responsive.

Overtly promotional content or content without value

The content of your website could talk about your products and services. If all your content, even the content of your blog/ social media are going to be only about your products. It would not entertain your users in any way. Try being generic while creating content. These contents are not promotional and unbiased. This enhances the trust of your brand and improves the brand image.

Content without providing any value is also another big turn off. Create content for real human audience than creating for getting search engine ranks. This may take a long way to give any positive return, but, it is worth spending money on creating valuable content that your user would relate to.

Fake reviews about a product

Though websites like Google are against writing your own reviews about your products. There are many websites in which we can find these biased reviews. In many cases, it is difficult to differentiate between real and fake reviews. Users look for complaints or bad reviews of a product along with good reviews to form an opinion. They look for genuine reviews and trust the ones which are from an authentic source. Even if you get bad reviews on social media, respond to it in a positive way.

Get real reviews from customers on every purchase. Almost all e-commerce websites do this by sending emails to all its customers after purchase. The more reviews you get, the more trust you build.

Try to add value to your customers with whatever you share in the digital space. You may not see any immediate benefit but, in a long run it would definitely bring in a lot of success. Knowing the pulse of your digital audience need a lot of experience, which helps you build trust and loyalty.

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a Digital Marketing Consultant for TacitKey & Beyond Carlton, a writer at Women's Web and a volunteer at Job4her.

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Diane Beyers

I definitely agree that a digital marketing strategy starts with understanding the audience. You need to know who you are trying to reach, what they want and how to reach them best if you want to ensure a successful marketing campaign. It could mean the difference between success and failure. Keep posting!

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