How to Write Social Media Posts That People Respond To

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One of the things to do on social media is to write articles, this content is what helps keep your social media active and your audience engaged. I have found however that it’s extremely helpful to have a strategy so that you can supercharge your social media interactions. For many this means that your social media strategy should involve building your email list or in getting your social media audience to your website so that they can become customers.

Understand Your Customers

As always you need to know who your target audience is, so that you can understand how best to engage them. Let me give you an example, if you post articles of a certain politic view point and your audience has a different one to yours, another example could be the use of comedy in your posts, some people might be insulted and others could respond exceptionally well. The point is this, once you know who your audience is you can ensure the content you use is targeted to them.

Watch Your Competition

Social media is great in allowing you to check out what your competition is doing in regard to social media posts. You don’t want to copy what your competition is doing, instead try to observe which of their social media posts are generating results, which aren’t and then use this information to make your own perform better.

Know the Purpose of the Post

What do you want your audience members to do when they read the post? Do you want them to click through to your website read more? Do you want them to like, follow and share? You need to understand what you want them to do in order to get them to do it.

Use Suitable Image

People respond better to posts containing relevant images on social media, you can make can make memes and infographic using free software such as A nice image, watermarked with a relevant quote works wonders in a post or even on its own on some social media platforms.

Write Some Blurb that Gets People’s Attention

When you share something on social media write something interesting about it, share your opinion, and tell people what you want then to do with it.

Link to your Blog

Don’t just post content without linking to your blog, give your audience a chance to read more and build your email list and website followers up at the same time.

Ask Your Audience to Share

Never forget to ask your audience to share your posts. You can also invite them to take memes and infographics off your website to share directly as they see fit. Just set up a new page that lists all the watermarked images that your audience can share and then invite your audience to do so.

Answer Comments

People are generally less likely to leave comments than they were a few years ago, so don’t just ignore the interaction that is happening on your social media pages. Always respond, and add comments to the discussion. Answer questions, and be kind. Even if someone is rude, and upsets you and don’t forget if it is really bad you can delete it, and then move on without rising to the bait. Unfortunately people do this on purpose to get a reaction, these are called trolls… if you don’t rise to the bait they will move on.
Writing social media posts that get a discussion going and inspire people to share and interact is an art form. You’ll need to try different tactics to see what works with your particular audience. But, always make sure to always have a call to action on anything that you post so that your audience knows what to do. Remember that your goal is to get them on to your email list so that you can market to them over the long term or to visit your website to become a customer.


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