How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn

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I know lots of LinkedIn experts and most of these people are extremely knowledgeable about LinkedIn and how it works. They can help you setup your profile, teach you how to use the search feature and how to get introduced to potential people of interest. Sounds great doesn’t it and I am sure you can benefit from using such services, you might even find a new job or locate a few new clients.
Let’s look at this for a minute:
  • Complete All Star Profile: You complete your profile include appropriate keywords that the LinkedIn search engine can associate with your profile.
  • Search and Advanced Search: Learning to use the search feature is great if you ever use it.
  • Connecting with People: Learning how to connect with someone you don’t know, how to get introduced, how to always write a personal connection request, etc.
  • Interacting: You’ll learn how to join the groups your prospects frequent and to interact with them, and get to know them.
  • Sales and Prospecting: Occasionally someone you know might ask you for something and you’ll learn how to make contact (email, telephone, etc.); with supposed warm contacts.
  • Tips and Tricks: You’ll also learn how to use updates, how to make posts, how often, plus each expert tends to have a bag of tricks that they’ll teach you.
This however isn’t how I use LinkedIn, but then I’m not selling LinkedIn training, books or workshops, if I were perhaps I would. The reason I don’t use LinkedIn this way isn’t because I don’t know how, it’s because I gave up making cold calls many years ago and I don’t plan on doing the LinkedIn equivalent of Inmails, messages and cold calling connections although to be fair some of these might be classed as warm contacts depending on the relationship you have with them, this is what I consider to be outbound marketing and not the best use of my time or resources.
The way I use LinkedIn sees my first level connections grow by around a hundred per week, I also have over ten thousand followers on LinkedIn and this number grows each week and best of all I receive enquiries for my services each and every week, normally ranging between three and ten per week and these are people contacting me, not me contacting them with requests. These figures are in my experience exceptional and are testament to the Inbound marketing tactics that I use on LinkedIn… and yes, you did hear correctly I employ inbound marketing tactics on LinkedIn, in fact I prefer to call it content marketing and that’s something I’m exceptional at.
I’ve been content marketing since before it was called content marketing, my first venture into article writing to generate connections and business was way back in 1997/8 when I started to review software, to teach people how to design websites and to generally share my opinion, this was done initially via a newsletter entitled The Web Builder Bulletin, which we moved to its own website in 1998… , I ceased updating this website in 2008 and now all my content marketing activities happen around my main website website designs.
I don’t normally share all of that, but thought it important to demonstrate just how long I have been doing this, long before Google existed and long before the term content marketing was coined and became popular.
The basis of my marketing on LinkedIn revolves around Long Form Publishing a feature LinkedIn introduced to all English speakers and which has revolutionized how LinkedIn should be used in my opinion.
Each day I publish at least one new article on LinkedIn, all I basically do is take an old article of a few months from my blog and repurpose it on LinkedIn, as it is published first on my own website and indexed by Google, Google understands that I am the authority website and LinkedIn is the secondary. As I understand my sales funnel and my target audience and the different audience personas at each stage of my sales funnel, the content is aimed specifically at one persona and has one goal, my aim is to drive my authority upwards and to slowly move each audience member along my sales funnel using nothing but the content I produce.
Think about that for a moment, I am using content that I am first using on my blog on LinkedIn to enable my target audience to find me, as each piece of content is search engine optimized. Once they find me I engage them through content, using a call to action these people are invited to follow me, to connect with me or to place an inquiry directly with me. The results I am generating prove that this almost scientific type approach to content marketing work exceptionally well on LinkedIn.
If you want to generate some real LinkedIn results perhaps you look at long form publishing, if you’re looking for a LinkedIn trainer, expert, etc… to help you set up either look in the list below or contact me directly… and if you’re a LinkedIn consultant, trainer, expert or whatever you call yourself please consider adding your details below so that people interested in getting help, setting things up can contact you directly.


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