Find Out What Your Website Visitors Want With These 5 Methods

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Do you know what your visitors actually want?

How do you know?
Guessing and making assumptions isn’t enough. If you want to improve your conversions, you have to get their feedback.
In this article, we’re going to look at how to truly understand your prospects’ expectations and needs. 
By doing this, you’ll uncover new ways to reduce the amount of friction that’s preventing your visitors from getting what they want.
Gathering user feedback is a tried-and-true way to ensure that what you deliver is exactly what your customers are hoping for, resulting in higher conversions and eventually an increase in revenue.

Going beyond analytics: tools for gathering feedback

While analytics are great for finding out exactly what is happening on your site, these numbers still don’t tell you why. That’s where gathering feedback from your customers comes in. Here at UserTesting, we find that the best way to know your target audience is to hear directly from them.

There are many ways to collect feedback from users:

  • Hallway tests: Talk to people! In person, on social networks, or via Skype/Google Hangouts
  • Support emails: A never-ending supply of customer feedback
  • Social media: Solicit feedback from followers, and monitor your company profiles for comments

Examples of the type of feedback you may want to collect:

  • Is it easy for visitors to describe what you offer?
  • What information do visitors to your site expect (or require) to register or make a purchase?
  • Do visitors to your site find value in what they discover?
  • What works, what’s annoying, and where could your site be more helpful?
  • What is the one thing your customers couldn’t live without?

Analyze your qualitative data

Once you’ve spent some time collecting people’s thoughts, organize the feedback. Consider the various people you interviewed, tally up the results, and look for commonalities in the responses.
By reviewing this qualitative user feedback, along with the data you see within your analytics, you’ll be able to formulate a pretty solid theory about what sorts of improvements you can make on your site.


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