Crafting The Perfect Email Newsletter

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Email newsletter campaigns might seem a bit old hat – social media is the place to focus your online marketing efforts, right? Well, yes and no. Though certainly the importance of social media marketing has upped its game in recent years, the email newsletter is still just as important for your overall marketing strategy.
When we think of the email newsletter, we can sometimes fill our heads with images of the plain text, black and white, yawn-inducing, trash-bin-destined emails that used to jumble up in our inboxes from god knows where. But, if you do take a moment to open up some of yours from the more forward-thinking companies that somewhere along the line you managed to subscribe to, then you will soon realise that these things are of the past. The trend these days is to jazz up the email newsletter with some funky fonts and groovy layouts, some nice bright colours and cool images to pique the interest of subscribers.
As with everything, there are of course some essential dos and don’ts when it comes to crafting the perfect email newsletter, and so below are a few tips to set you off on the right path.

Content Is Still King

Before we get into the bells and whistles, the bright fonts and cool colours that will grab your subscriber’s attention, the first thing that we have to remember is that your copy is still the most important element of your email campaign. Indeed, without superlative written content, no amount of design skills will actually amount to the conversions that your newsletters are essentially designed to generate.
So, focus on your written content first, and build your design around it. In the end, the success of your email campaign will come down to the persuasiveness of the words you write, so get them right, and everything else will act as amplifiers. Your words will achieve the lasting interest in your brand and the conversions you covet, not your background images.
A great tip in creating this content is indeed to tell a story with it. Indeed, this can be an on-going story about some element of your product, service or business. What you don’t want to do is shamelessly fill you emails with self-promoting copy that is neither inspired nor interesting. Indeed, this sort of thing can even put your subscribers off from buying your product.
Instead, try and build a narrative into your text – tell a story with your words that not only puts your product and your business into context, but also entertains the reader as well.


Ok, so, you’ve written a few hundred words of great copy, now it’s time to try and make sure that it gets read – or at least the important parts aren’t missed, and this is all about finding the perfect balance between the graphics and the text. The more eye-catching your graphics, the better the chances are of your subscribers taking those few extra seconds it takes for your newsletter to grab their attention and thusly start reading your great content.
So, you’ll want to start with the banner and headline. Make it bright and of course in keeping with your brand’s colours if appropriate, and that headline needs to be short, punchy and concise. Whatever colours you use in this banner heading, make sure that they are echoed and repeated all over the rest of the newsletter as well so that the reader’s eye is drawn to all the different and important sub-headers and sections.
When it comes to images, make sure that you get the balance right, however. If you need to include quite a lot of text if the case is that indeed you have quite a lot to report, then you can’t of course dedicate too much space to your images. Email newsletters that are too big and too long are off-putting in the first place, so you have to make sure that everything is in proportion, and you don’t really want the size of it to exceed anything bigger than what would be an A4 piece of printed material.

Make Sure To Include Some Quotes

If you’ve got some testimonials from satisfied customers or good quotes from industry authorities, then make sure that you get them all into your newsletter. Nothing is more convincing to a potential customer than a recommendation from a thoroughly satisfied one, so make testimonials sing loud and proud in your newsletter. This means highlighting them with a different font, or perhaps making the text bold so that it’s not missed when your subscribers are skimming the page.
Indeed, offsetting your quotes from your main body of text is a very good idea. You can use a slightly larger, possibly italicised font to indicate that here is something special to read. The whole point of including these quotes – especially those from disinterested third-party industry professionals – is to add some extra layers of interest and intrigue to your newsletters, so make sure that you don’t bury them amidst the columns.
Crafting the perfect email newsletter is becoming more and more like a fine art, since more and more companies are rediscovering their worth and value when it comes to customer engagement and conversions. And so, even if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer to create something of magazine-quality, then you must still nonetheless take the time yourself to create something interesting and visually entertaining for the reader. Do this, and you will find that your great copy will get read by more people, you will generate more click-throughs to your site, and ultimately your sales and conversions will grow and grow.


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