What are Common but Critical SEO Issues How to Rectify them?

SEO is critical for a website’s success. It is very important that SEO looks good so your website doesn’t suffer. We are going to list some of the most common SEO issues you might encounter and tell you how you can fix them and make your site better.

1. Keyword Cannibalization

Keywords Cannibalization- Common SEO Issues

Keyword cannibalization is the first SEO problem we are going to talk about as it is the most common one. This is a very common way to make Google mad at you. And when Google is mad at you, your page doesn’t show up in the search results. Simple as that. Keyword cannibalization is when you have multiple pages on your website that link to the same keyword. This is not good at all.

How to fix this problem?

To fix this issue you have to diagnose the culprit pages. Once you do, you have to change up the keywords, the titles and everything along with it. The best way to have it all under control is to use keyword tracking tools. These tools are very helpful as they provide you with an overview of the site’s overall keyword performance. You can also use it to track each keyword’s performance independently. Using these tools is one of many SEO trends, so why not take advantage of it.

Try using SEO tools to fix SEO problems as such.

2. Over-optimized anchor text

Google doesn’t like over-optimized anchor texts so if you have one, it will make your whole site suffer. It is important that your texts are interesting and have some generic anchors and are branded. This problem usually happens to people who are just learning about SEO and how to use it properly. Over-optimization will eventually cause a penalty too, so beware.

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How to fix this problem?

To fix this problem, you simply have to add more topical, branded, and generic anchors. This way, you will meet the anchor requirements that are determined. By doing that you will regain organic traffic loss and will now be set up to survive future updates. A good way to be prepared all the time is to maintain your website all the time. Luckily, there are companies such as wpfullcare.com that can take care of your website or give you a full maintenance plan that you can follow by yourself.

Don’t over-optimize your texts so they are able to survive future updates

Update your Content regularly

3. Linking Strategy

This is an offsite link building issue. To make your page strong, you have to have good links. And good links that will attract engagement cost more money. It’s much better not to have hundreds of links. Instead, what you can do is have much fewer links that are better for your website or page. But there are more on-page SEO factors that you have to consider and fix and that will make your linking strategy better too.

How to fix this problem?

As we said, it is better to link to fewer pages that are better than to link to hundreds of pages and risk getting caught by Google in your act. You absolutely have to deliver good and quality content to your site with good links. You also have to target other pages and not just the main core pages that bring you money. This is considered to be a good link strategy.

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4. Internal Redirects

Remove Broken Links

This is another one of many critical SEO issues that occur. This is something that happens a lot across the internet. If you have many 301’s, it’s not good. A 301 redirect is designed for when a user requests a page that is no longer available or has been permanently deleted or moved somewhere else. These pages will make your website slower. But 302’s won’t. 302 is a temporary move for those who don’t know. These status codes have different purposes and should be treated differently.

How to fix this problem?

To fix this problem you have to make sure you are using the right redirect on your website.

  • 301 redirects should index the new URL, not the previous URL
  • 302 redirects should index the previous URL, and ignore the new URL

Make your website as fast as possible by removing the unnecessary 301s. This will be better for your users and help authority flow within the website.

To make your site better and faster, remove the 301 pages.

5. Low-quality pillow links

What are pillow links? Pillow links are used to diversify your anchor text ratios and improve quality. You want to make it easy for Google to analyze your website’s links. Google will then pick up unnatural trends with its machine learning.

How to fix this problem?

To fix this problem you can use indexing tools that encourage Googlebot to index your pillow links. Or simply build all quality links to avoid this problem completely. It is not important to have a lot of these pillow links but it’s important to have ones that are indexed.

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We simply can’t touch on all the SEO problems that occur daily but these are just a few ones that you have to know about and also know how to solve them at least temporarily. But have in mind that it’s always best to look for a permanent solution when working with SEO. SEO updates have become more and more regular and you want to be up to date with them so your website doesn’t suffer.

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