5 Powerful Tools you need to Automate your Instagram Posts

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Instagram is becoming an important part of social media marketing strategy of every organization. The reason of the attention which Instagram is getting is the growing number of users.

If you haven’t thought seriously about Instagram, then let me tell you that according to latest data there are more than 15 Million registered business accounts on Instagram. And it has a staggering 1 Million Active Monthly advertisers which is becoming larger as it is owned by largest social media company of the world, Facebook.

As far as, number of users on Instagram is concerned, following statistics will amaze you for sure:

– According to latest data, there are around 800 Million Active Monthly users on Instagram.

– Out of which 500 Million are daily active users.

I think you would convinced to go and grow your business on Instagram but it has been one of the most closed social site till now.

It has allowed only one link in your account and that too in Bio section only. You cannot add any link in the post limiting the number of website visits from the platform.

One of the major feature while handing social media is automation and it is blocked by Instagram. You cannot post from third party apps, limiting it from automation.

But having an engagement rate of 4.3% on average which is above the median of 3.5%, it is channel which cannot be missed by the marketers.

So, even with these limitations you need to use some tools to automate your Instagram posts. I’ve listed 5 such tools which you can use:

1. Later

Later.com Homepage

This is by far one of the best tools which I’ve come across for automating your Instagram posts. It is a social media scheduling tool which you can use to schedule your posts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

One thing which you would like about this tool is that you can schedule up-to 30 posts with Free Account per month. It is more than most of it’s competitors which allow only 10 posts per month on a free account.

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The interface is simple and easy to use. It let’s you see how your post would appear on Instagram.

One more feature which I like about this tool is the way they show you the calendar. It makes it so easy to understand and manage all the posts.

Later.com Dashboard

And if you post only once a day then this tool is Best for you.

Another benefit of this tool is that you need not save all the photos/images on your phone. It can take images from online apps like Dropbox or Google Drive. In this way, it helps from another hassle.

When you schedule your posts, it notifies on your phone at that time and allows you to post it on from Instagram App.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Homepage

The posting method is similar to Later as it will notify you at the scheduled time along with image and caption which gets copied to clipboard.

Hootsuite connects with you with more than 35 popular social networks. It is by far one of the best social media management tools available in the market right now. Hootsuite.com has been recognized as the Leader in Social Media Management Solutions by Forrester.

It boasts of being used by 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Hootsuite lets you stay ahead of the game in following ways:

Monitor your competition

One of the important factor to grow is to gain insight on what your competitor is doing. For this, you follow your competitor’s on Instagram and with the help of Hootsuite you can monitor that right from your dashboard.

Hootsuite Instagram Competitor Watch Tool

Best Time to Post

You may want to post at a time when your post gets maximum engagement. Though you’ll be using hashtags in your posts for people to find you out but timing is equally important. According to report by Hootsuite, 8PM is one of the best times to post on Instagram.

Hootsuite plans starts from $9/month for small enterprises single account and upto 10 social profiles. You can also Sign up for 30 Days Free Trial from this link.

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3. Agorapulse

Agorapulse Homepage

Not much famous like it’s competitors but his tool is here to stay. It allows you to schedule on all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. but we will stick to Instagram only.

Due to Instagram’s limitation to third party apps, the procedure of posting is similar to above mentioned tools. However, one of the things which makes it different from its competitors is the dynamic reports feature.

It is an overall social media management tool with all the capabilities ranging from post scheduling to social listening.

This tool also lets you preview your Instagram post which helps a lot. It also boasts of a social media calendar which again lets you see everything clearly on your dashboard.

Agorapulse Dashboard


It lets you identify your top followers and who interacts with your posts most.

Though Agorapulse do not come with a free account but it offers you a 14-Day Free Trial with no obligations. Its plan starts from $39/month.

SignUp for AgoraPulse

4. Buffer

Buffer Homepage

Buffer is by far one of the most popular social media management tools. Reason behind it’s popularity is the ease of use and simple platform. It is easy to navigate, simple looks and can make your work a lot simpler.

The process of Instagram posting is yet again the same in buffer also, but only thing which I didn’t find in buffer is the preview mode for Instagram. It shows the post preview for all major channels like Twitter, Facebook etc. but not for Instagram.

Its analytics tab does show you the number of comments and like on your posts but not “Top Post” like it does for other platforms.

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But it allows you to re-buffer or repost it right from there which is an amazing functionality of Buffer.

It comes with a Free Plan for individuals which allows only 10 posts to be scheduled at once and paid plan starts at $10 per month.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind Homepage

This app has focused on Pinterest only in the past but now they have started automation for Instagram posts as well. Though it can also not post on your behalf due to Instagram restrictions, the procedure to post remains the same.

It does not seem to have an Android App till now so it is useful only when you’re using an iPhone.

One thing which gives Tailwind and edge over its competitor is that it recommends the optimal times to post for you Instagram account. It analyzes your Instagram account and hence suggest you the best times to post for most engagement and interaction for your content.

Tailwind does not show you a Free account if you’re overlooking their pricing page but there’s no time limit to their Free Trial which essentially makes it free. And you what’s best, you can schedule up-to 30 Instagram posts with free account.

Tailwind does not offer a Free Account but you can register for a Free Trial which allows you to schedule up-to 30 Instagram posts. Their paid plans start from just $9.99 per month.


Probably going forward, we may see that Instagram allows automation but till that time these are the best tools. While going ahead with these tools you can keep posting consistently which helps you in growing your Instagram account organically.

Please be open to share your thoughts in comments. And do not forget to mention if I missed any tool.

(Note: Some of the above mentioned links are affiliate links which means I get a commission to run this website if you purchase the subscription from this link, however you’ll NOT be CHARGED EXTRA.)


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