6 Elements of Digital Marketing Mix

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Digital Marketing Mix is a broad subject, keeping principles of marketing intact and taking them to the online world. With everyone being online and that too on various devices laptop, mobile, tabloid we need to understand the behavior of customer online and methods to reach them here. Below mentioned are some of the elements of digital marketing mix which we need to consider:

1. Search Engine Optimization


SEO is a time consuming process which involves a lot of coding and programming. Right? Wrong: It may be a time consuming process but it has less to do with coding and more to do with what you are offering. It is an art which lists you on top of search queries of various search engines in order to increase your visibility. With increase in your reach, number of visitors on your website will also increase which will get you more business. But to be on top of a search engine like google, your content should not only be unique but also the one which adds value to your customers.

2. Social Media Marketing

I’ll be honest with you, it is not as simple as it sounds. It is a 2-way process in which if you can reach your potential customers, they can also reach you from the same medium. Almost every business today is making it’s presence on these social media platforms but do you think all of them are able to manage it? It helps you to connect with your target audience on a real time basis. One more benefit of social media is that, it’s gonna help you in positioning of your brand. And believe me, it is playing a big role in brand positioning today. This ever evolving platform is not only becoming larger day-by-day but also, it is becoming more mature & complex. You need strategic social media marketing, is you want to gain something out of it. Unable to figure out which social media channel you should focus on? Check the results of the best social media marketing tool, poll chosen by experts.

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3. Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing

Have you heard the term PPC or Google Adwords? I’m 100% sure that you have. Well, PPC comes under the umbrella of SEM. In fact, I’ve written a post about distinguishing between sem and ppc, you can click the link to read the whole post. Coming back to the topic, ppc is a vast subject to study keeping one simple thing in mins i.e. benefit of both consumers and advertisers. Most of the ppc programs are intent based, which means tha they show your ads only to the audience which are either interested in services which are related to your product. And as the name suggests, you pay only when a person clicks on your ad. PPC is making huge profits for organizations and if managed properly, it can help you too.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

It is an extension of pay per click marketing where you pay only for the clicks on which client converts. If anyone is clicking on the ad and coming to your website but doesn’t perform the required action e.g. a form fill up or buying the product, you don’t pay. The good thing f affiliate marketing is that it isn’t limited to adverts, e mailers can also include affiliate links on which the client clicks and converts.

5. Email Marketing:

mobile email marketing

Well, you know that it is one of the oldest form if digital marketing and it is still not ready to go away. With email marketing, you can send personalized emails where you have the database. There are various tools email service providers which provide email marketing services, I use Mailchimp. It offers great customization features and emails are mobile friendly too, which makes my work a lot easier. You can use A/B testing and analyze what works best for you. But always beware that not to take your email list for granted or else you’ll marked as SPAM soon. You can check my blog post on how to optimize your mobile email marketing.

6. Content Marketing:

This marketing strategy has also been tested by time and has proved itself time and again. It not only keeps your users engaged with you but also keeps them informed. The key to this strategy is to remain interesting and relevant to your business. You can share details or benefits of your product, industry news etc. in your content. I’ve written a detailed article on how to do your content marketing to get the best results and why is it called content is king.


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