5 Important Growth Hacking Tips for B2B Email Marketing

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Email Marketing seems to be old-fashioned to you but it refuses to go away. It is still most widely used marketing technique used by even the biggies. It has always proved to be a profitable to strategy to small businesses and startups.

It provides most direct line of communication for getting members being converted to customers. And probably that’s the reason why most of the content marketers and startups have no intention to give up on it any time soon. One of the biggest advantage is its cost-effectiveness. You will be astounded to read that email marketing yields an average of 4300% ROI for business across United Sates. Direct Marketing Association

Need I say more? I hope not. A B2B email marketing strategy isn’t that your startup wants, it is what your company needs. So, I’ve compiled a list of 8 Important Growth Hacking tips for you to rock your email marketing:

1. Choose your ESP Wisely

What’s an ESP? Good question. It is the Email Service Provider you use to send emails.These are the services where you manage your lists, create campaigns, designs, layouts and send it to your subscribers. Not only this, they also provide you reports like open rate, click rate etc.

I’m using Mailchimp services for our marketing newsletter. It is highly responsive, allows automation and personalization features with terrific¬†analytics. It comes in different packages according to your needs, named below:

  • Starting Up
  • Growing Business
  • Pro Marketer
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5 Important Growth Hacking Tips for B2B Email Marketing

If you have less than 2000 subscribers, you can avail the free plan with which you can send up to 12000 emails per month absolutely free. If you have larger number of subscribers, you can choose the plan accordingly. You can signup for Mailchimp using this link.

2. Personalization Works

If your content is personalized and relevant, you’ll win every time. You can personalize your email easily by using options available with your ESP. Mailchimp provides this option which you are creating your template and while sending the campaign. Identifying people by their name/company or by their role in the company gives them a better intent towards your email and they feel like you are talking to them only. Try to capture their attention with a creative subject line or using emoji’s which are now allowed in email subject lines.

You can personalize either in the content like “Dear (First Name),” in the subject line where they see their own name e.g. “David, here’s a coupon code only for you”. This makes your subscriber come closer to you and triggers them to start engaging with you.

3. Use a Human Name as a sender

Research has suggested that it is a primary factor in getting your emails opened. Everyone would like to interact with a real person, and not a company name. Since, in this case they would feel like talking to a person. You can also use your company name but if you decide so, use full name which is easily recognizable by the contact.

But whatever name you use, be consistent with that, as people become accustomed to whom those emails are coming from otherwise, there’s a possibility that they mark your mail as spam.

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4. Go Mobile


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As we both know that everyone is going mobile and inbox in mobile is always on. With more than half of emails are opening on mobile devices, it is very important for you to optimize your email for mobile. It should be optimized for mobile, and your ESP can help you with that. For optimizing your email for mobile, check my article which discusses 4 Tips on how to Optimize your Mobile Email Marketing.

5. Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

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Well, emails are also shareable. With the advent of social media, people are also sharing some content of emails on their profiles. Not only this, many people are tend to forward the email to their friends. A study suggests that emails having the social sharing options had 115% higher CTR than the emails which do not have the option.- GetResponse. So, always make you that you emails contain social sharing & “forward to a friend” option and are also clearly visible.

Marketers are leveraging the B2B email marketing power to reach and engage with their subscriber list. And these growth hacks will help you stand out among hundreds of emails in their inbox.


Did I miss anything?

Lemme know in the comments section.

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Awesome tips! I’m using GetResponse. Do you know it?

Anurag Mehra

Hi @RowHill:disqus, Yes I’m aware about GetResponse. I just discussed the one which I’ve been using.. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try to include it in my next post on Email Marketing.