5 Growth Hacking Tips to boost your Startup Business

5 Growth Hacking Tips to boost your Startup Business

Growth Hacking is a combination of product, marketing & data with goal of driving customer growth. Earlier popular among fast pace growing start-ups, the pillars of growth hacking have since spread to the wider circle of business world. By focusing on customer needs & designing the right product, growth hacking brings growth in long-term as well as short-term.

1. Webinar Hack

When you’re marketing your product/service, you not only want to reach masses, but your target audience.

Unbounce uses a lot of content marketing techniques to get new clients. They have a popular blog, they produce quality ebooks, provide free email course. However as soon as they started focusing on webinars those quickly became their favourite & largest customer acquisition channel.

webinar hack for growth hacking

Since webinars offer an instant incentive (“join before it fills up”), one can drive a great interest. Once a person joins your webinar, you get the opportunity to provide high quality content, which improves the trust on your company.

Some tips on running a successful webinar:

  • Pick a Topic of your expertise or get a guest speaker.
  • Check GotoWebinar for creating a new one.
  • Create a landing page for joining the session.
  • Do a dummy test to make sure of each & every step.
  • Host the webinar and provide great value.

Follow up with people on email and encourage them to become your customers.

2. Giveaway Hack

Appsumo, a daily deals website focusing on digital goods, has achieved a great success by running giveaways to increase their email subscription list. They added 147,973 new subscribers in just 10 months, that’s a pretty significant marketing campaign.

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<img class="aligncenter wp-image-898" title="Giveaway Hack" src="https://optimizemarketing.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Giveaway-300×113 see this site.jpg” alt=”Giveaway for Growth Hacking” width=”600″ height=”226″ />

How did they do it?

They ran a steady stream of targeted giveaways.

They gave away Evernote subscriptions, in-person courses, and even Macbook air( last one performed the worst). Some giveaways could only manager a few subscribers while others drove thousands, but with every give away their email list was increasing.

Some tips for running your giveaway

  • Get a product which will cater to your niche target audience.
  • Create your giveaway with services like Kingsumo or Gleam.
  • Promote it on your current email list or on Facebook.
  • Encourage social media shares for your giveaway participants.

If you are choosing the right audience for your product, then the money you are appending on Facebook will start a chain reaction.

3. The Guest Post Hack

These are the powerful tools which drive highly targeted audience to your website. So, the question is how to do it for your website?

Guest post as growth hacking

Following are some tips to create guest posts to drive targeted audience to your website:

  • Search popular blogs which are having audiences that match your target base.
  • Write great value guest posts targeting particular blogs.
  • Mail the blog owner with your proposed guest post.
  • Go on emailing until you find a blog which publishes your post.

Repeat and make better posts each time.

4. Exit Popup Hack

WPBeginner, a free resource site for WordPress beginners, grew their email subscription list by using an exit pop-up display. In less than 10 minutes, WPBeginner increased their email subscribers by 600 percent. Prior to the change, they gained 70 to 80 new subscribers each day, and after the change they gained 445 to 470 every day.

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Exit popup hack for Startup

How they made such a great improvement? By giving the visitor time to read before offering the up sell (i.e., the subscribe box), exit pop ups reach potential users at a time when intent is high, thus boosting conversions. Additionally, these popovers are non-intrusive, so the user can easily close the tab without any of the annoyances of a traditional pop-up.

Create an exit popover for your website:

  • Install a software like SumoMe or GetSiteControl.
  • Create a copy for a simple subscription box.
  • Connect it to your email service provider (Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.).

Popovers have always driven significant email signups as they’re more noticeable.

Claim your free ebook

5. The Live Survey Hack

Every user is different. They have different experiences and different reasons to come to your product.

Still, the traditional landing page shows every one of them the same information. A/B testing may help you improve the quality of this page however, it will still show the same static page.

Think if you could give customized information to every customer? Use a live survey tool, to create a customer experience like that.

Live Survey as a Growth Hacking Tool

Use below mentioned steps to create a live survey:

  • Create a couple of customer profiles (based on people who are visiting your website)
  • Write some questions which filter these people.
  • Design an offer for each groupUse this all in a Qualaroo survey on your website

Always try to customize your offerings to your customers since every one of them is different.

Anurag Mehra

Anurag Mehra is a Social Media Expert & a Growth Hacker who believes learning never stops. His "Social Media Marketing RoundUp" series is featured in "10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016".

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Taylen Peterson

Great list of startup hacks. I like that each one has a very targeted purpose of getting leads for your business. Each is for different types of leads at different stages of the funnel, but leads are leads! From there you can always nurture them along. For most of these it’s important to build a landing page that targets those users (maybe not the guest post, depending on where you’re linking/what that link intent is and also the exit pop-up is already a squeeze page). But, for the others, making sure you’re getting visitors to take the exact action you… Read more »


This actually answered my issue, thank you!

mobile strike hack download
mobile strike hack download

This actually answered my issue, thank you!

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