Top 5 Tools to Unfollow your Non Followers on Twitter for Free

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Those who have been blogging already knows the power of social media and everyone admits that it is one of the best marketing & promotional tools for blogging if used effectively. Twitter has taken a very large market share among these social networking sites. When I started using Twitter, I had no idea of its potential marketing benefits. I was tweeting like a newbie and was following everyone without thinking. As the time passed, I realized its power and started cleaning up my Twitter account.

First of all, I started unfollowing users who were inactive and were adding any value to my timeline. I also unfollowed those users who were inactive and were not following me back.

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Even today, I clean up my twitter account regularly and unfollow inactive users. So, I thought of sharing a list of 5 best free tools to unfollow your non followers on twitter. If you are also planning to clean up your twitter account by stop following your non-followers, first ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like reading their tweets?
  • Do they add any value to your timeline?

Following is the list of free tools which you can use to unfollow your non-followers:

1. Manageflitter

It is a great tool to unfollow your non followers on twitter. With its latest feature you can add multiple twitter account in your profile. This tool also helps you find fake twitter followers, most talkative followers which will help you manage your twitter account very effectively. This also comes in both free & paid versions. Not to mention free account has a lot of limitations as compared to paid versions.

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2. Crowdfire App

It is one of the best app to unfollow your non followers on twitter. I personally use this tool regularly to clean up my account. It comes in both free and paid versions. With free version, it limits you to follow or unfollow 100 users per day. You can also sort your list on basis of their activeness. If you want to increase your limit from 100, then you have to upgrade your account to get paid version. You can also automate messages with this app to those who follows you.

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Crowd fire app, unfollow on twitter


3. Statusbrew

Earlier known as It is a powerful app to manage your twitter and Instagram accounts. All you have to do is to login to their service using your twitter account. You don’t have to share your password, their “Login with Twitter” account does it all. You have to give them access to your twitter account though. Once you login they show you the list of people who are not following you back.

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statusbrew, unfollow on twitter

4. Unfollower Stats

Unfollowers is a twitter app which is really simple and easy to use. It helps you find your unfollowers on twitter & check your follow/unfollow stats. You can find all your unfollowers with the help of a single click.

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unfollow on twitter

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5. Tweepi

It offers many amazing features to manage your account and for unfollowing your non followers you can use Geeky Flush. As the name suggests, flush all the twitter users who do not follow you back. It is again a simple tool offering the sort feature and unfollowing them one by one. It may not be as fast as its competitors but UI is appealing.

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tweepi, unfollower on twitter

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Over to you

Hope it helps you cleaning your account. If you’ve got any suggestions please let me know in the comments section below. You can also contact me through my twitter profile @marketer_anurag.

Anurag Mehra

Anurag Mehra is a Social Media Expert & a Growth Hacker who believes learning never stops. His "Social Media Marketing RoundUp" series is featured in "10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016".

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