5 Digital Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

No company will achieve success without the implementation of a great digital marketing campaign. Unfortunately, too many marketers do not understand exactly what pitfalls to avoid. Thus they end up building an under-performing campaign.
Think back to the last time you were asked to build a “viral” campaign. I’m sure you wanted to just run and hide under a rock. But you went along with it and did your best but nothing phenomenal happened.
Do you remember how it felt when the results were disappointing?
digital marketing mistakes
Believe me…it happens to the best of us.
There’s no need to feel bad about it. What’s important is to learn from our mistakes and use them as a compass to not fall into them again.
Because let’s face it; the Internet is full of rabbit holes promising higher search engine results, greater reach with an email newsletter and hordes of random consumers appearing on your company’s website with their wallets open. Much of this information is out of context and does not help marketers achieve their main goal…business growth.
I’m sure you’re a savvy online marketer and I want you to succeed. That’s why I want you to learn the mistakes to avoid when planning and building your next campaign. So let’s answer this nagging question…

What Are the Five Major Mistakes Marketers Make When Planning their Digital Marketing Campaign?

1. Failure to Establish a Specific Campaign’s Goals

If your answer to the goal question is something like, “Um… More money?” your digital marketing strategy is in trouble even before you start.
Because there are so many different marketing methods available online, such as SEO, mobile marketing and PPC, and you need to know which to pick based on what you want to get out of.
Since each marketing medium is different you have to form clear and concise business goals before any marketing campaigns begin. This step in the process also requires setting a budget and vowing to stick to it. I invite you to learn more about how to set-up marketing objectives and goals by reading this article on SEMrush where you’ll learn how to build a web analytics Framework to improve your marketing.

2. Skipping the Process Required to Defining the Ideal Customer

Some beginner-level marketers believe that if you market to everyone, you have a greater chance of getting people interested in your product or service. In truth, this doesn’t work. If you don’t know who would be the ideal consumer of what you have to offer, you have no idea where to focus your advertising efforts (and thus, your budget).
Your marketing strategy must be targeted to people who are slightly-aware, aware and interested in what you have to offer. Specifically if you want people to notice you and people to stick around to see your offers, you have to make sure that your solutions match their needs and intents.
I encourage you to read more about creating perfect personas to boost your content marketing efforts, an article by Clare Hopping on SEMrush Blog.

3. Creating a Bland, Content-Poor and Non-Converting Landing Page

This is what I consider as bad as not having a web presence at all.
Here is the hard truth, even if you are able to get targeted visitors to your site, a boring landing page will set your bounce rate near 100% and conversion to zero (sorry!). This means people will click on and click off again right away.
Just remember that giving your traffic something to care about or something to spark their interest the moment they land on your page is essential for wooing them.
And not only should the landing page be eye-catching, but it should also give a generous amount of search engine optimized content that is relevant, informative and entertaining to your targeted customer. Simply put: Give them what you promised them in your ads or SERPs’ description and Title.

4. Clinging to Out-dated Internet Marketing Methods and Ignoring Bite-sized Mobile Accessible Attractors

Even if you build a digital marketing strategy that works from older methods, ignoring the latest options will limit your chances of success.
While reports, white pages and long articles can still attract both search engines and site visitors on desktop, an ever increasing number of people are accessing the Internet mostly from their smart phones or tablets.
This means having a functioning and responsive page design is essential. Also, because of the small screens, bite-sized bits of content on social media pages have become a powerful tool in any digital marketing campaign. So take advantage of that by creating mobile optimized landing pages and use social media pages as promotional mediums.

5. Not Caring About Tracking and Measurement 

If you do not track your promotional methods, measure them against each other and determine which work and which don’t, you might as well abandon your business altogether. But not so fast…you can fix that!
No matter what marketing strategy you decide implementing; every ad you place, link you share and offer you extend must be tracked, measured, analyzed, and documented.
How else will you know if the link in your newsletter, for example, got more conversions than the ad on your blog? So make sure you track your digital marketing campaigns, analyze the results, stay flexible and you’ll increase your campaign’s profit and revenue.

Source: http://www.semrush.com/blog/5-digital-marketing-campaign-mistakes-to-avoid/

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