5 Best Strategies for Social Selling

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Nowadays business really won’t be straight forward even if you have great products and services. The buying process of consumers has changed, and the ability of persuading consumers to choose you and fostering relationships with them has been required more and more.

Social Selling

Especially social media is the best place to be if you sell something. Social media is where you can reach 82% of the online population all over the world through social networks and 57% of purchase decision is made on social media before taking sales contacts. As social media activities help you to cultivate customers’ viewpoints and build reputation, the importance of how you approach to customers through social media has increased.
Social selling has a greater impact on buying behavior and sales process. Apparently social selling is easy to take it in, however, it doesn’t produce results if you’re not placing efforts on the activities such as social listening. Here’s 5 strategies for social selling that you can take them into your strategy.

Strategies for Social Selling

1. Identify Who Your Targets and Followers are
First, you need to understand who you have connected to, who connected to you, and who you want to connect to. Then plan how you are going to make relationships, appeal to them, and engage with them for each connection status. What is important here is to figure out the patterns of their behavior like where they are, what they do, and what they like to talk.
2. Implement Social Listening
Knowing who to connect, try to reach those people where they are posting contents and blogging, and observe their activities. Social listening helps you to not only know them better such as who they are following and their interests, but also the influencers of your targets and those relationships. It is very important to understand the networks between you and targets, and also between targets and their influencers.
3. Grow Your Social Graph
On social media, having control over social graph is a key to success. Understanding who to highlight and where to participate, the range of your activities will be extended. You can ask for new connections, interact with them directly, follow them as an engagement-trigger, join and participate in the communities in your field… There are a lot of ways to develop your social graph.
4. Respond Timely
For the better engagements, keep in mind to respond timely in order to give a bigger impact. People spend a lot of time on social networks but they are not always actively taking actions. Meaning, if you don’t respond timely you would miss the opportunity to have conversations and get to know each other better as well as bringing the relationships to the next level. Therefore, the ability to make prompt responses is essential on social selling to engage in two-way communications.
5. Build Stronger Relationships
Building relationships is not the same as connecting people. Publishing valuable contents often makes people follow you, like you, and want to share it with friends. But I think what is efficient on relationship-building is to aggressively make a move on your own. You can reach out to people, join conversations, remember and respond something related to the conversations you had before, have interests personally… There are so many things you can do for developing relationships like daily life.
Through social media, social selling enables you to not only bring sales to your business but also build relationships. Social media is familiar to most of people, but this doesn’t guarantee you will succeed. If you don’t create and exploit the strategies for social selling correctly, you might not get the expected results. If you want to work with social selling, you must fully understand it and grow your social network.
Source: https://aihiura.com/strategies-for-social-selling/
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