5 Awesome Instagram Marketing Tips To Grow Your Account

Instagram Marketing Tips

It is needless to say that social media is a terrific channel for businesses to connect with their customers and to build brand awareness. With over 3 billion active users, it is where the consumers are and one of the most sought-after channels by businesses.

And, if your audience is fond of visuals/ images, then you simply cannot afford to overlook the power of a platform where more than 95 Million photos and videos 1 are uploaded every day. Yes, I’m talking about


When it comes to business, there are 8 Million registered businesses 2 using Instagram business profiles. Let me give you a brief idea of Instagram statistics:

According to the latest revealed data, it has over 1 Billion Monthly Active users 3.

According to the latest revealed data, it has over 400 Million Daily Active users 4.

So, if you’re having a business then now is the right time to be on Instagram and connect with your customers.
There are businesses which are present on Instagram but are struggling with 2 things:

  1. Less Number of Followers.
  2. Low Engagement with users.

And if you’re also one of them, you don’t have to get disheartened.

I’ve put together 5 tips which will help you gain more followers on Instagram and increase your engagement with your audience.

1. Post Awesome Content

Never forget that your audience wants the best, and if you want them to connect with you then you’ll have to offer them the best content.

Nothing beats Quality.

You have to post interesting stuff which keeps them engaged with your brand and don’t forget to keep the content related to your niche. You need to create original photos and videos for your brand so that you’ll stand out from the crowd.

And if you can’t create your own content, never underestimate the power of stock images. They are a great source of content and you can customize some of them to match your brand. This will help you in connecting with your audience.

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Tip: Everyone loves quotes, posting a quote once in while will keep your audience engaged with your brand.

How are you managing your social media profiles? I’m using Hootsuite to manage all my social media profiles. You can post & schedule all your posts from one single platform to save your time. If you’re still not sure, why not sign up for 30-Days Free Trial by clicking here.

2. Post Consistently

When you go to the office and see a billboard daily you seem to remember that. And now imagine that the billboard is there for a day and not for another 5 days, will you remember it?

The answer is No.

Similarly, your audience will not remember you if they see your post after 5 days. The idea behind is to be consistent in posting. I’m not asking you to post twice a day but you can upload at least 1 post daily.

This will bring you in front of your audience daily and create better brand recall and thus increases your engagement. Small businesses which are emerging have learned this and are posting on regular basis to keep the engagement rate on the higher side.

Though Instagram has been much of a closed network you can use some tools to automate your posts on Instagram. It’ll make your job much easier.

Below mentioned is an example of one of such business which belongs to one of my friend dealing in girl’s products:


Tip: Small Businesses with the more number of fans tend to post 2 to 3 photos per day on an average.

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3. Use Correct Hashtags

Using correct hashtags is a great way to grow your Instagram audience. It exposes your posts to a large and targeted audience.

Users who are not following you but are looking for posts with similar hashtags will find your posts and if they like them, they’ll start following you too.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post and good accounts uses this to the maximum to grow.
According to a report by TrackMaven, posts with 11+ hashtags get the maximum engagement.

A good example of an account which is using the hashtags right way.

TackMaven Study of Instagram Hashtags

You can also scroll through the 100 most popular hashtags compiled by Webstagram here. I’ve included the top 20 in the screenshot below.

Instagram Hashtags

QuotesNirvana uses a variety of Instagram hashtags in their updates, including popular ones (like #followme), moderately popular ones (like #picoftheday) and less popular ones (like #instadaily).

Tip: Using relevant hashtags is as equally important as using the popular hashtags. So use a mix of both.

4. Cross Promote

If your business is already present on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, then letting your customers know that you’re on Instagram as well is a great way to promote.

There would be some people from your audience who would be more active on Instagram as compared to other platforms, it will give them a way to connect with you on their favorite network. You can do this in various ways like:

  1. Embedding your Instagram photos in your own blog posts.
  2. By adding an Instagram feed to your Facebook page.
  3. Sharing the posts directly from Instagram to your Twitter feed.
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Buzzsumo report which analyzed over 1 Billion Facebook posts from 3 Million Brand pages states that images posted on Facebook via Instagram have received more engagement than natively published images 5.

Facebook Image Engagement


Here’s an example of Buffer’s Facebook page with Instagram Feed



Tip: Cross-promoting not only lets your existing customers follow you on Instagram but also those who are visiting your pages for the first time but are more active on Instagram.

5. Encourage Action

It is very easy for people to like your post while scrolling through their feed but does that mean they are really engaged?


A really engaged person is the one who not only likes your post but also tends to comment on it. Since commenting takes some effort, it brings you the real engagement rate. But how to do that? Let’s take a scenario to explain it:

When you share a post, ask your followers their opinion on it.
You can share a quote post and ask your followers to “Like if you Agree”, this way they’ll read it twice before just like your post.

How does this help?

Your customer will start taking your posts seriously and start taking action on that. This will help them connect with your brand and in turn, increases your brand recall. Another case scenario of the engaging post is below:

Share a self-clicked good image.
Now ask your followers to tag their friends who are good photographers.
This will help you reach more audience as well as increase your customer engagement on Instagram.

Did I miss anything?

If I missed anything then please let me know in comments. If not, then share your thoughts. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Anurag Mehra

Anurag Mehra is a Social Media Expert & a Growth Hacker who believes learning never stops. His "Social Media Marketing RoundUp" series is featured in "10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016".

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