3 Ways To Get More Traffic And Sales From YouTube

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If you have a YouTube account, I highly recommend getting some videos done if you haven’t already. Videos are valuable ways to reach out to other people, and YouTube is the ideal place to use that advantage. Many marketers are using YouTube, but even when most of them get views, none of those views turn into sales or visitors on a blog. This even happens to many of those viral videos that have over 100,000 views.

The reason many people aren’t getting the results they want from YouTube is because they don’t know how to promote themselves. If you just upload the video and don’t promote yourself throughout the video or during the end, you aren’t using YouTube in a way that would give you more traffic and sales.

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The first way to get more traffic and sales on YouTube is to constantly refer to your blog or products. In all of my YouTube videos, I introduce myself (Hello everybody, I am Marc Guberti) and tell the viewer about one of my products or blog (and I am the author of). Then, I go right into what I want to talk about in the video. It is important to consistently promote yourself with this method because people will hear the name of your product or your blog so many times that they will look at it. This will allow you to get more sales and traffic.

The second way to get more traffic and sales on YouTube is to include a link to your blog. Many people don’t think about the impact of adding a link to their blog. This seems like an easy task. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of your blog in the video (be sure to include http:// when you paste the link of your blog in the description). However, many people miss this step. This is how viral videos have no impact on the traffic and sales you get. They get the viewers, but the viewers have no other option to view other content. If people like your video, they will want to look at some of your other products and content as well. Give them that option.
The third way to get more traffic and sales on YouTube is to tell everyone where they can find your social networks at the end of the video. If the viewer likes what he sees, he will follow you on one or more of your social networks. If you actively use those social networks, that viewer will eventually click on the links of one of your blog posts, see one of your products, and eventually buy that product.
It’s not difficult to turn YouTube into traffic and sales for your products and blog. However, in order to get that extra traffic and sales, you have to promote yourself on your videos. Promoting yourself is a step many people miss which results in potential traffic and sales getting lost in the shuffle.
YouTube is a great way for you to increase your traffic and sales, and with these methods, you’ll be getting more traffic and sales in no time!

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