3 Tips to Attract Traffic on your Small-Business Website

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Do you have enough traffic on your website?

I’ve never got a “Yes” as an answer to this question. Everyone wants more traffic, since more traffic means more conversions which gives more business. So, do you have a website where traffic numbers are missing or you want more traffic? Either ways, what I’m going to discuss today will help you drive you more traffic to your small business / startup website. All you have to do is to just follow these 3 simple growth hacks to gain larger audience and make a big impact so they keep coming back to you:

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1. Content is King

content marketing, content is king

Never forget this. Google and other search engines have always been saying that content is what matters the most. And with latest update in Google search engine algorithm, it is searching for content and trying to understand its intent. So, write for the audience and not robots. Since, it will for people, they will love it and this will help you build your brand & will also improve your online visibility.

While you’re writing regularly for your business, try to include links to relevant content which can be in your website or and outside research. Try including 3-5 links to get optimum results. This will help both search engines and your users. How?

  • Search engine bots will visit that link which is in your content and try indexing that as well. So more pages of your website get discovered and indexed with relevant keywords.
  • Your audience will love it since; they’ll get exposed to more relevant content. This helps in building trust & credibility.
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2. Go Social

social media productivity

I know you would be saying that I’m already doing it. Bu doing it effectively is what matters. You may be promoting it on social media but getting engaging with your audience. That is BLUNDER. Never do that. Always try to engage with people on social media. Make sure you’re adding proper call-to-action for attracting people to come to your website for more information YOURURL.com. Twitter offer you 140 characters to convince your audience for coming down to your website. I don’t need to tell you Facebook’s reach in terms of people being active. Google+ is a platform which has highest number of users since, it comes directly from the giant. Are your using hashtags on Google+, Twitter and other social media platforms to increase traffic to your website? Use these hashtags effectively to gain more traffic to your website. Here’s my post on how to use #hashtags on Google+ to double your reach.

3. Use Creative Images/ Multimedia

Well, to bring and retain users to your website is a task. Images and video’s do a great job in completing this task for you. Your audience and search engines both will love it since; it is more engaging. It increases visibility because everyone gets inherently intrigued by visuals. Putting it short: multimedia will get noticed & it is the first step to drive traffic to your website. Use this multimedia effectively on social platforms to drive more traffic. Here’s another post on visual storytelling tips to power your content marketing on Facebook.

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Hope it helps!

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