3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content

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Have you heard that content is king?  Are you tired of hearing this already? Honestly it seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is touting that you have to create KILLER content. I am a big believer in content but have you seen what passes as “kingly content” these days?  To be honest, a lot of it seems cliché, tired, and honestly, done and done again.
Of course even when you are committed to producing fantastic content that your audience can’t wait to read on a regular basis, actually getting from commitment to action can be a big challenge for business owners – and that’s before life gets in the way, right?
So I wanted to share 3 time saving tips for staying on track with creating killer content your followers eagerly look forward to each week, and on Thursday, I’ll share a list of 15 places to look for inspiration you might not have considered already.

The 3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content

1.    Create an editorial calendar
There’s nothing like a blank page to make creating killer content seem like too much work. I don’t know about you, but especially when you work at home, I’ve heard a rumor that lots of household chores suddenly seem a whole lot more appealing than creating content.  When you have a plan and an idea for each blog post, it’s suddenly easier to sit down in that chair and create content that engages and inspires your audience to action.
Need an easy way to create an editorial calendar?  Check out the next step!
2.    Use a list of themes to keep your writing on track
Working from a list of themes is a great way to stay on topic on your blog and to make sure you cover everything you want to cover over the course of the week, month, and year.  It gives you an overview of your process in the same way that seeing a map is a whole different perspective than planning a trip just from your view of the street in your car.
Select the 5 or so themes that are central to your blog and your business.  Take 15 minutes or so to brainstorm topics related to these themes.  Just let them fly without taking too long to evaluate them.  Once you’ve come up with a list of topics related to your themes, take a look and make sure you’ve covered everything evenly or that you’ve covered topics proportionately to the questions your clients ask about them.
Grab a blank calendar and start filling it in with those topic ideas and post it near where you write.  You now have what you need to avoid that dreaded blank screen moment for as many posts as you wrote down topic ideas.
3.    Read in your niche
This is HUGE in my mind – keep learning in your niche!  Reading is important (as well as attending events, networking, and masterminding with other business builders).  You need to be constantly updating your information in your niche.  A great place to start is to read feeds from blogs in your field, or to use Google Alerts to search for news about specific topics.
But however you choose to stay informed, find a way and be regular about.  Because without putting new ideas into your mind, you simply won’t have new ideas to draw from when it’s time to write fresh content for your own audience.
So that’s it – 3 Time Saving Tips for Creating Killer Content! Have a schedule, get your topics ready to go ahead of time, and keep reading in your field if you want to be ready to create killer content at the snap of your fingers.
If you would like to learn how to create content that your followers would love to share visit my blog post on 15 content ideas that your followers will love to share!
Which one is hardest for you to commit to?  Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear!
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