3 Growth Hacking Tips for Startups to Optimize Digital Marketing

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3 Growth Hacking Tips for Startups to Optimize Digital Marketing

So you are trying to grow your startup and trying everything for it which includes growth hacking in every arena. And if you’re reading this post then you understand the power of digital marketing & social media to improve your business success. Let me reiterate the fact that you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people who are also trying to do the same. This has made the digital world flooded with content & advertisements. Before proceeding further, let me ask you a simple question:

Are you able to understand your consumer behavior?

If yes, great you’re on the path to success & if your answer is no, then it is a big reason to worry. Why? Even the best of the marketers/ entrepreneurs focus on understanding their consumer behavior and inclinations to make their business successful. Studies have revealed that brands which have active social media profiles and regularly engage with their consumers tend to have better conversions. People are more likely to visit their websites & brand recall is also higher at the time of purchase. It shows the importance that social media plays in decision-making of customers when it comes to online/offline buying.

Below mentioned are some of the growth hacking tips which you can follow to give your business the standing it needs to rock the market:

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1. Content Marketing with Social Media

Content Writing and marketing

With everyone being present on social media platforms, all of them want to be in touch with latest trends. And if you don’t want to lose your potential clients/ audience, you have to keep up with them. That’s why it becomes even more important to be on constant loot out for what’s happening around the world and your industry.

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Social media platforms provide you an amazing opportunity to promote your business and improve your leads but for that you need a sound content strategy. A good content strategy allows you to build awareness & engage with more people with your product.

Try to understand your target audience’s persona, do the research it needs by surveying their demographics & psycho graphics. Try to figure out how they interact with content on social media.

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2. Post Regularly

Social Media Marketing

Now that you’ve created content, you need to promote it by posting on social media. Let me tell you some facts on 2 most important social media platforms:

  • Facebook stats that a page post will reach to only 1% of audience organically.
  • Given so huge amount of tweets sent on daily basis to Twitter, average lifetime of a tweet is only 30 seconds.

Now, imagine that you’ve promoted a content on both the platforms, what do you think how many people would see it? And out of them how many will get engaged? Yes, you got it right. Minimal. So, in order to reach your audience and make your mark, you need to promote the content on these platforms regularly.

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[bctt tweet=”The best way to get the attention of your audience is to post creative graphics/ an image with text.” username=”optimize_mrktng”] Infographics are creating a huge buzz in the industry and they will not go anywhere for a long time, so get some graphic designers to get your work done.

It’s ok to post the same data in different forms such as tables, charts, illustrations or storyboards. /if you can produce audiovisual content or videos then its BEST. Since, this content is highly engaging and people tend to absorb more information in less time.

3. Influencer Marketing

If you’ve made some awesome content and promoted it on social media channels and still unable to drive targeted traffic onto your website, influencer marketing comes to your rescue.

When you log on to your social media channels, your first instinct is to check what your friends are doing, and then what are your favorite personalities are up to. Why do you check these personalities? Simple, you like them. Do they influence your buying decision? Yes, that’s why companies hire them. I’m not gonna ask you to get a brand ambassador however, leveraging an influencer will do only good. Not only movie stars can be influencers. Every successful entrepreneur has some influence on many people who look up to him for guidance.

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Find the right influencers in your domain who stand for the same cause as you or consume product like yours and reach them out to market your product. How?

These personalities won’t like to be the brand ambassador of your product. However you can ask them to buy your product/service for once showing your USP and then ask for their feedback. Showing their positive feedback on your website will build consumer confidence in your brand.

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You can offer your product/ service to them free for use and review. If they get ready to use and review it, half of your work is done. If they like your product, they’ll tell whole world about it and if they don’t, most likely they’ll share the feedback with you.

Social media is changing with technology advances and new apps are making way in this digital world. Be flexible in your strategy and modify it whenever required. Raise awareness of your product & brand.

Hope you like it!

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