6 Must-Known Instagram Marketing Tips To Get Your Startup off the Ground

Certain people won’t be familiar with Instagram and don’t know that it is a cool social media platform which has taken the world by storm. This online tool uses photos to engage with followers and increase the brand awareness of businesses.

Needless to say, the more Instagram followers you have, the better. But being a startup how can you use this platform for gaining followers and increasing your potential clients?

Engaging And Interactive Post

Tips To Kick Start Your Startup Business With Instagram

1) Posting Quality Pictures

One of the major advantages of using Instagram is that it is a social media platform which takes pride in posting interactive and quality pictures. So, if your phone camera takes blurred images or is not bright, you are going to miss the significant opportunity of attracting a huge number of followers. Frankly, this is the primary reason why you are on this platform.

Now if your phone camera takes snaps which are not up to the mark, don’t worry. You can take photos using a DLSR. Then using your PC, upload them.

Interesting & Quality Image

2) Following People

Besides sharing photos, the best thing about Instagram is that people are quite generous with their follow-back mojo. Within the first three to four weeks, you can easily get thousands of followers for your brand and business. But it depends on how interesting your content is.  

Instagram allows its users to follow 50 individuals every 10-15 minutes. There is no restriction on the number of people you can follow in a day. You can follow about 100 people in a day, and then take a break for five to six days to see whether they are following you back. Plus, you have the option to unfollow individuals who don’t follow you back.

Currently, there are many mobile applications and tools to help you to unfollow individuals, and one of them is Instafollow. This is specially designed for Instagram and is available for both Android and iOS versions.

3) Using Interesting And Popular Hashtags

Do you know the reliable way to connect with various followers? It is hashtags. In the quest to get a huge number of Instagram followers, you need to add trending hashtags to your post. Also, you can even shoot a photo based on a trending hashtag. Now this will provide you with the best platform where you can be aware of the interest level of the content posted by you, and that too by checking out the number of likes.

Moreover, if you are a fan of hashtags or have been one for a long time, now is the best moment to post pictures that have garnered the most number of likes.

4) Audience Engagement

One of the major rewarding efforts for startups that are active on various social media platform is engaging with the audience. Make sure to reply to their requests, comments and questions. Frankly, it makes more sense to interact and engage with them in a fun but respectful manner. Once you have shared a good rapport, they will be more open to your brand and business. Sometimes they will be happier to provide feedback regarding your services and products.

Being Open About Business

5)   Interact With Other Instagrammers

It is common for most Instagrammers to come across individuals who post things that are appealing and which you like. Now such people will have a huge number of followers due to the interesting and captivating posts shared on their Instagram platform.

Frankly, it is advisable to interact with such individuals and try to spark conversations. This can sometimes prompt their followers to click your profile and see what kind of posts you share. So, this can lead to getting a huge number of followers in a long run.

6) Proper Time To Post Content

The time when you post pictures plays a major determinant on whether the post will be popular or not. Various Instagram users are up to date on all the things that are occurring in the world, due to the presence of a high level of interaction.

So, it is important to be aware of the ideal time when you are going to post on your Instagram feed. For example, you can post content when individuals are on a break, either during the lunch or coffee break so that you get maximum attention.

Presences Of High-Level Of Interaction


It is not necessary to stretch your marketing budget to get the targeted audience. All you need to do is modify your approach. iDigic’s advanced Instagram marketing strategies can help and you will easily be able to see marked benefits on your social media profile for business. So, go ahead and try these given tactics and see their results.

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